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Gammadyne Email Tracking System

The Gammadyne Email Tracking System integrates with Gammadyne Mailer to report which recipients opened the email and which links they clicked on, among other things.  This information can be invaluable for marketing and understanding your clientele.

Compared to expensive email services like Constant Contact, you can save a fortune by relaying the emails through your own mail server.  If you have a website, then it no doubt includes a mail server.  Why pay an email service to use their server?  The per-email cost of our tracking system is very thrifty by comparison.

Benefits include:

  • Focuses marketing resources on recipients who show the most interest or meet a certain criteria.
  • Prevents waste of marketing resources on recipients who are in other countries, who speak a different language, or have the wrong operating system.
  • A/B Testing.  Compare two campaigns, side by side, to determine what design elements and content work the best.  Also, within a single campaign, you can see which of up to 3 Subjects got the most interest.
  • Link tracking allows you to identify what products/services a particular recipient might be interested in.
  • Link totals allow you to gauge the overall demand for certain products/services.
  • The clicks, view time, and number of reopens and forwards are used to calculate an "Interest Score" which indicates how enthusiastic a recipient is about the message.
  • Low open rates will alert you to problems with the mail server, spam filters, or blacklisting.
  • Geo-location makes it easier to locate a phone number for a recipient.

It costs 1 credit per email that you wish to track.  Credits are purchased in "units" of 10,000.  Click the button below to purchase one or more units:

  • If you have purchased credits in the past, please use the same email address as before so that the credits are added to your existing account.  If the email address is not in our database, a new tracking account is created.
  • The free trial of Gammadyne Mailer does not support tracking.  Please purchase a license first.

A unit (10,000 credits) is $10.  A volume discount is offered when multiple units are purchased at the same time:

Units Price/Unit Discount Price/Email Emails/$1
1 $10 none $.001 1000
2-3 $9 10% $.0009 1111
4-7 $8 20% $.0008 1250
8-15 $7 30% $.0007 1429
16-31 $6 40% $.0006 1667
32-63 $5 50% $.0005 2000
64-127 $4 60% $.0004 2500
128-255 $3 70% $.0003 3333
256+ $2 80% $.0002 5000

Credits do not expire, and are not limited to one campaign, computer, or license.  There is no reason not to buy in bulk and save money.

The following statistics are gathered for each recipient:

  • IP address
  • Geo-location of the IP address (Country, State/Province, City, Postal Code, Latitude, Longitude)
  • Number of times the email was opened and forwarded
  • How long the email was viewed
  • Date/time opened for the first time
  • Browser
  • Operating system
  • Agent string from browser
  • Preferred language
  • Which links were clicked on
  • Interest score.  This is a synthetic benchmark based on clicks, time viewed, opens, and forwards.  On the tracking report, the recipients are sorted by highest interest score.
  • IP address, date, and geo-location of each forward

The following totals are also reported:

  • Number of emails tracked
  • Total failures and successes (includes untracked emails)
  • Total opens, reopens, and forwards
  • Reopen rate
  • Forward rate
  • Average time an email was viewed
  • Average time until opened
  • Total links clicked
  • Estimated opens
  • Average interest score
  • Total clicks on each link
  • Open and CTR for multiple subjects
  • Totals for each type of browser and platform (includes CTR)
  • Total opens for each country and domain (includes CTR)
  • A graph of of the open rate over the duration of the mailing
  • A graph of how many emails were opened in 10 minute periods
  • A graph and pie chart of how long the emails were viewed
  • Three "heat maps" of the entire world (total opens, opens per capita, average interest)

Click here to see a sample report.

Tracking data can also be exported to a CSV fileClick here to see an example.

  • It is necessary to download and install Gammadyne Mailer, and purchase a license.
  • After purchasing tracking credits (see above), the account password is emailed to you.
  • Open your existing mailing project, or configure a new one as normal.
  • Go to the Send/Tracking branch.
  • Check the "Tracking Enabled" box.
  • Enter your email address in the "User:" field.  This must be the same email address that was specified when the tracking credits were purchased.
  • Enter the account password in the "Password:" field.
  • Enter the number of emails you wish to track in the "Limit Number Tracked:" field.  This can be more or less than the size of the mailing list.  You are only charged for emails that are actually sent and tracked, and you are not required to track them all.

    Gammadyne Mailer Email Tracking Setup
  • It may be necessary to disable any Internet security-related programs that are running on your system.  Especially CA eTrust Anti-virus and any Trend Micro products.  Their scanning of all HTTP traffic can be problematic.  HTTP is used to notify our server that an email is being tracked.  If this is a problem, you will know it when the tracking system reports a smaller number of tracked emails than Gammadyne Mailer reported.
  • You can now send the mailing as normal (choose Send Messages from the Tools menu).  Gammadyne Mailer will automatically insert the beacon into the HTML Body and modify the hyperlinks so that they can be tracked.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes so that some of the emails will be opened.
  • Choose "Generate Report" from the Tracking menu, or click the "Generate Report" button on the Tracking branch, or click the toolbar icon.

    Gammadyne Mailer Email Tracking Setup
  • Double click on the campaign that you wish to generate a report for.
  • The "Tracking Report" window will appear.  The report is one long HTML document, like this.

    Gammadyne Mailer Email Tracking Setup
  • The toolbar contains various tools for printing the report, saving it to a file, exporting the data to a CSV file, and more.

Other Notes
  • All email tracking systems use the same method.  A tiny image, called a beacon, is inserted into the message's HTML body.  When the recipient's email client downloads the image, the tracking system recognizes this as an opened email.  Please be aware that this is an imperfect method.  Most email clients do not automatically download images.  An open rate of less than 25% is typical, because many of the opens go unrecognized.  We have priced the system taking this weakness into account.
  • If the user clicks a link, our system will recognize that the email was opened even if the beacon was never downloaded.  By seeing how many times this happened, the "Estimated Opens" statistic can be calculated.  For a large mailing with lots of links clicked, this estimate can be very accurate.
  • The Gammadyne Email Tracking System is not a hosted solution.  Email is still relayed through your mail server as normal.  Our system only intercepts the opens and clicks, and stores this information in a database waiting for you to retrieve the data through Gammadyne Mailer's interface.
  • Tracking data is stored on our server for 30 days, then deleted.  99% of email is opened within 14 days of being sent.  You will be given 4 days notice before a campaign is deleted.  At that time, you should generate the final report and export the tracking data to a CSV file.  If you like, we can automatically upload the final report to your FTP server.  Choose "Manage Account" from the Tracking menu to configure this.
  • Gammadyne Mailer includes a tool to import the tracking data into a database (choose "Import to Database" from the Tracking menu).
  • The report does not include bounce-back statistics, because bounces arrive later at your SMTP server.  Gammadyne Mailer is not privy to what comes in to your SMTP server.  If you set up a Bounce-Back project, you will see the number of bounces.  You can then manually enter this count into the tracked campaign so that it appears on the report.  Generate the report, then choose "Specify Bounce Count" from the Tools menu.