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System‑G is a complete Graphical User Interface developed from the ground up.  All of Gammadyne's programs are built on it.

In fact, it is much more than just a GUI.  System‑G is a huge framework of reusable C++ code that has been under development since 1995.  It supplants MFC/ATL, STL, the C runtime library, and all operating system API's.  Programs built on System‑G are stable, robust, and efficient.


Below is a screenshot of a demo window in various skins:

The various skins of the System-G graphical user interface.

System‑G offers many useful features:

  • The user interface can be zoomed by tapping the F11 and F12 keys.
  • Every interface element takes the zoom and monitor DPI into account to ensure an optimal visual appeal whether you are on the latest 4K monitor or still using 1024x768.
  • "Skins" are supported.  Every individual element used by the interface can be edited.
  • All controls have right-click menus containing an arsenal of tools.  Editboxes in particular have over 50 text editing tools, including Spell Checking.
  • Virtually all windows can be resized.  The control layout automatically adjusts to efficiently use all of the window.
  • The Window menu has more tools, including Center, Copy, Enlarge/Shrink, and Print.
  • Superior auditory and visual feedback from the user interface.
  • Extensive support for drag and drop.
  • The user can control the font and size of window captions, menu bars, menus, toolbars, and controls.
  • Each window remembers its position and the following independent settings:  Above All, Balloon Help Disabled, and Minimize To Tray.
  • The standardized project interface supports automatic opening, automatic saving, automatic backup, and locking.  It also offers advanced Data Safety and Data Flexibility features that help ensure that projects are not lost, and can be used seamlessly with new versions of the software.
  • Doesn't use .NET, eliminating a huge source of dependency problems and bugs.

The manual for System‑G is installed with all of Gammadyne's programs.  Choose "Help - Interface Menu" from the "Interface" menu.  The manual contains a thorough description of the user interface.

System‑G consists of the following modules:

sg_activationProduct activation.
sg_activation_guiGUI controls and dialogs related to product activation.
sg_addrbookAddress book.
sg_aesAES encryption.
sg_app_infoInformation about the application.
sg_archiveA wrapper for the libarchive open source compression library.
sg_argon2Argon2 Key Derivation Function.
sg_associateA GUI tool for associating a file extension with the application.
sg_associationsFile extensions and the associated program that opens them.
sg_audioAudio functions in WINMM.DLL.
sg_audio2Audio playback objects.
sg_backup_guiA dialog for managing project/document backups.
sg_blowfishBlowfish encryption.
sg_browserEmbedded Internet Explorer HTML browser/editor.
sg_browser2A System‑G control for the embedded HTML browser/editor.
sg_browser3Combines the web browser with email capabilities.
sg_chmCompiled HTML Help files (.CHM).
sg_codecAbstract base class for coder/decoders.
sg_composeA dialog for composing an email.
sg_configSystem‑G settings base module.
sg_config_editorSystem‑G Interface Editor.
sg_config_guiSystem‑G settings support module for the GUI.
sg_consoleDOS console.
sg_controlGUI controls.  This is the largest module.
sg_control2More GUI controls.
sg_coreLow-level functions, strings, memory, advanced data types, math.
sg_cryptoMicrosoft Cryptographic Services.
sg_cssCascading Style Sheets.
sg_csv_editorMost of Gammadyne's CSV Editor Pro application is encapsulated in this module as a reusable dialog.
sg_databaseODBC connectivity for databases.
sg_database_guiGUI code related to databases.
sg_dialogsStandard dialog windows and additional GUI controls.
sg_dialogs2More dialogs.
sg_digsigDigital signatures.
sg_dk_baseBase module for DomainKeys and DKIM.
sg_dk_guiBase module for user interface features related to DomainKeys and DKIM.
sg_dkim_guiGUI related to DKIM.
sg_dnsDNS client.
sg_documentA type of window that edits documents (like DocPad).
sg_domainkeysYahoo! DomainKeys.
sg_domainkeys_guiGUI related to DomainKeys.
sg_driveDeals with mass storage devices.  Encapsulates ASPI.
sg_dsound_guiGUI controls related to DirectSound.
sg_emailEmail processing (MIME decoding and manipulation).  Email addresses.
sg_email_guiGUI related to email.  Displaying of email and attachments.  Email archiving.
sg_email_outEmail composition (MIME encoding).
sg_encodingEncoding/decoding functions.  HTML, XML, URL, Base-64, Quoted-Printable, UTF-8, UTF-7, MIME header, CSV, UUEncode.
sg_exceptionException handling.  If an exception occurs, the crash dump can be reported back to Gammadyne.
sg_fatalFatal errors, assertions.
sg_fileFiles, directories, drives, filepaths.
sg_file_cacheA multi-threaded cache for processing a set of files.
sg_fintInfinite length integers.  Used by RSA encryption.
sg_firewallWindows Firewall.
sg_freeimageWrapper for the FreeImage open source library, which reads and writes graphical file formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc).
sg_ftpFTP client.
sg_ftp_guiGUI controls and dialogs related to FTP.
sg_ftpsExtends FTP to support SSL.
sg_gdfGammadyne Document Format.  Used by help files.
sg_gdi_plusGDI+ helper functions.
sg_geoipConversion of IP address to geographic information.
sg_geometry33D geometry.
sg_globfileGammadyne's Globfile file format.  Project files use this.
sg_grappleGrapples (the black rectangles at the corner of an object that you can drag to resize).
sg_hashMessage digests (MD5, SHA1, SHA256).
sg_hashfileA simple database file that supports a hash-table like indexing method.
sg_heapfileA file format that supports heap operations (allocate, reallocate, free).
sg_hotkeyA GUI control that allows the user to specify a hotkey.
sg_htmlHTML and CSS parsing/manipulation.
sg_html_editorThe GUI for an HTML editor control.
sg_httpHTTP client.
sg_httpsExtends the HTTP client with SSL support.
sg_imap4IMAP4 client.
sg_imap4sExtends the IMAP4 client with SSL support.
sg_iniINI files.
sg_installSoftware installation.
sg_ipcountryConversion of IP address to country.
sg_isapiISAPI extensions for IIS.
sg_kernelLow level functions, mostly related to KERNEL32.DLL.  OS version, command line, environment variables, heap, processes, Windows status codes, system timer.
sg_lanmanWrapper for netapi32.dll
sg_leakMemory leak detection.
sg_lzmaLZMA compression and decompression.
sg_localeInternationalization and localization.  Narrow/wide character conversion.
sg_mapiMicrosoft Messaging API (MAPI).
sg_mapi_guiGUI controls related to MAPI.
sg_midi_guiGUI controls related to MIDI.
sg_mmtReads and writes media file meta tags.  Wrapper for TagLib.
sg_mmt_guiGUI for editing a media file's meta tags.
sg_mpegMPEG file format.
sg_mpeg_encoderMPEG file encoder.  Wrapper for LAME.
sg_named_pipeNamed pipes.
sg_nationsInformation about nations.
sg_networkLow-level TCP and UDP networking.  Wrapper for WINSOCK.
sg_network_guiGUI controls related to networking.
sg_noisePerlin noise.
sg_ntlmNTLM authentication for SMTP/POP3/IMAP4.
sg_oauthOAuth authentication.
sg_oauth_guiInterface objects related to OAuth authentication.
sg_oleautWrapper for OLEAUT32.DLL.  Related to type libraries.
sg_password_guiGUI controls related to passwords.
sg_pcre2Wrapper for the PCRE2 regular expression engine.
sg_peThe Portable Executable (PE) file format, which is used by Windows EXE's and DLL's.
sg_pop3POP3 client.
sg_pop3sExtends the POP3 client with SSL support.
sg_projectBase module for a type of window that works with projects.
sg_project_globA type of window that works with Globfile projects.
sg_project_xmlA type of window that works with XML projects.
sg_receiveDeals with receiving email.  Base module for sg_pop3 and sg_imap4.
sg_receive_guiGUI code related to receiving email.
sg_registry_exportFunctions for exporting registry data to a .REG file.
sg_reportGUI controls related to generating reports.
sg_restoreSystem Restore Points.
sg_richeditRich edit (RTF) system controls.
sg_richedit2Rich edit (RTF) System-G controls.
sg_rip_cdGUI for ripping a CD.
sg_scheduleLow-level objects related to scheduling.
sg_schedule_guiA general purpose task scheduler interface.
sg_securityWindows security API.  ACL's, SID's, security descriptors, tokens, privileges.
sg_sharingWindows File and Printer Sharing.
sg_shellWrapper for low-level Windows shell API.
sg_skinSystem-G skins.
sg_smtpSMTP client.
sg_smtp_guiGUI code related to sending email.
sg_smtpsExtends the SMTP client with SSL support.
sg_spamSpam filtering engine.
sg_spellerSpell checker base module.
sg_speller_sharedSpell checker secondary module.
sg_spfSPF records for DNS.
sg_sslSecure Socket Layer (SSL).  Wrapper for the OpenSSL open source library.
sg_ssl_guiGUI controls related to SSL.
sg_stock_resourcesSystem‑G stock resources (icons).
sg_string_editorGUI for a multi-language interface string editor.
sg_subscriberSubscription based products with seat activation.
sg_subscriber_guiGUI for subscription based products.
sg_sysdirSystem directories.
sg_table_printGUI for printing a table control.
sg_thinkerAbstract base class for objects that involve a dynamic state.
sg_threadProcesses, threads, synchronization.
sg_trayThe taskbar's tray (aka Notification Area).
sg_trialFree trials, limited by time or uses.
sg_trial_guiGUI for free trials.
sg_urlURL's, hyperlinks, domains, IP addresses.
sg_varDefines the Var, an object that can hold a Boolean, integer, string, or date.
sg_vartableA hash table of named Var's.
sg_vrcPE file's Version Resource.
sg_wave.WAV files and the RIFF file format.
sg_welcomeA "Welcome" screen that helps the user get to work quickly.
sg_windowSystem‑G windows, device contexts.
sg_wininet_guiGUI controls related to WININET.DLL.
sg_wmpWindows Media Player.
sg_world_mapGUI used to display a colorized world map.
sg_xmlXML parsing and manipulation.
sg_zipZIP files.

System‑G is not currently licensed to third parties.  Gammadyne is looking to merge with a larger company that can take System‑G to the next level.