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STARTAS.EXE is a free Windows command line program that executes a DOS command line under a different user account.


STARTAS [/dir"..."] [/hide] [/profile] [/max] [/min] [/w] user password cmdline...

/dirSet the current working directory for the process.
/hideThe process's window should be initially hidden.
/profileLoad the user's HKEY_USERS registry key.
/maxThe process's window should be initially maximized.
/minThe process's window should be initially minimized.
/wWait until the process terminates.


startas /dir"c:\foo" /profile Gandalf Belloch copy foo.txt bar.txt


  • The user name can optionally be in the form of "user@domain".
  • Everything after the password is considered to be the command line to be launched.  Do not enclose the command line in quotes.
  • The command line is executed in a separate console window.


Click the button below to download version 2.0 of STARTAS.EXE, released June 17th, 2017.