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SIZEOF.EXE is a free Windows command line program that reports the total size of a set of files in bytes, kilobytes, and megabytes.


sizeof [/f] [/logo] [/n] [/r#] [/s] [/w] filespec [/e exclusion]

Where filespec is a specification of the files whose sizes are to be counted.  The specification can use the ? and * wildcards.  Multiple specifications can be separated with a semi-colon.

/fList each file.
/logoDisplay the program banner.
/nDisplay the size as an unformatted integer.
/r#Return the total size as the process exit code (%errorlevel%). 0=bytes, 1=KB, 2=MB.
/sRecursively search subfolders.
/wSuppress warnings in the file specification.
/eExclude files that follow.


sizeof /logo /s c:\work\*.cpp;*.h /w /e test.*

Sample Output:

SizeOf 4.0 - File Size Reporting Utility -
Copyright (C) 2000-2024 by Greg Wittmeyer - All Rights Reserved

Total bytes: 10,219,404 (9979.89 KB) (9.75 MB)
Total files: 236   Average size: 43,302 bytes
Smallest: 238 bytes   Largest: 1,053,545 bytes


Click the button below to download version 4.0 of SIZEOF.EXE, released January 20th, 2024.