Gammadyne Corporation

Gammadyne Affiliate Program

By becoming an Affiliate in the Gammadyne Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission of 20% on all software sales generated for us.

How It Works
The affiliate sends traffic to a special URL that records the Affiliate ID in a cookie on the visitor's computer.  If the visitor purchases a software license from us (within 30 days), a commission is earned.

By joining the Affiliate Program, the Affiliate agrees to the following conditions:

  • The Affiliate cannot use spam, telemarketing, junk mail, or unsolicited faxes.
  • Affiliates must not misrepresent the software.
  • We reserve the right to cancel an Affiliate's membership for any legitimate reason at our discretion.
  • Commission is calculated on the net sale after the credit card processing fee is taken out.  2Checkout's fee is $2.50 + 4.9%.

Signing Up
To sign up, create an account with our payment processor, 2Checkout, by clicking here:

Please read this manual for more information on setting up your affiliate account and generating links to our products.

We would be happy to verify that your links are correctly setup to ensure that you get credit.  Go here to request verification.

Product ID's
Centurion Setup4532935
CSV Editor Pro4559746
DJ Jukebox4532940
Gammadyne Mailer 4532894
HTMeLd 39692369
Mirror Backup 29938187
Random Word Gen. 4532942
Round-Robin Mailer 4533045

Sales Material
Click here for a comprehensive list of information about each program.  This includes an assortment of product descriptions and banners.  You may also copy any material from our web site.