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Here you will find some useful resources for writing articles about Gammadyne's software products.  First, let's start with the programs themselves, in order of importance:

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HTMeLdHome History   
Round-Robin MailerHomeScreenshotsHistoryFAQ'sAwardsTestimonials
Centurion SetupHomeScreenshotsHistoryFAQ'sAwardsTestimonials
CSV Editor ProHomeScreenshotsHistory AwardsTestimonials
Mirror BackupHome History Awards 
ScratchboardHomeScreenshotsHistory AwardsTestimonials
Random Word GeneratorHomeScreenshotsHistory AwardsTestimonials
DJ JukeboxHomeScreenshotsHistoryFAQ'sAwards 
DocPadHomeScreenshotsHistory AwardsTestimonials
Connection KeeperHomeScreenshotsHistoryFAQ'sAwardsTestimonials

Q&A - Answers to common press questions.

How long has Gammadyne been in business?
Gammadyne was founded September 9th, 1998.  More information about us here.

Can I get a commission for referrals?
Yes, more information here.

What platform does the software run on?
Windows (XP or later).

Does the installer include bundled third-party apps?
Absolutely not.  Never has, never will.

Is there an online manual?
No, please download and install the program, then press F1 to open the manual.

Can I get a free license?
Yes.  Request it here.

How is the software licensed?
A license entitles the user to 5 activations.  Once activated, the software will remain activated indefinitely unless it is moved to a different drive, or if a major upgrade (such as 1.0 to 2.0) is installed.  Minor upgrades (such as 1.0 to 1.1) are free.  Activations are not restricted to one machine or user.  More details can be found on the ordering page.

How much does the software cost?
Please see the ordering page.

What kind of support is provided?
Free email support.  Paid telephone support, typically involving desktop-sharing, is available.

Does Gammadyne sell through retail channels?
No, we sell directly to the user, online.  Our payment processor is 2Checkout.

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