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PECHKSUM.EXE is a free Windows command line program that reports or updates the checksum of a Portable Executable (PE) file, which includes Windows executables and DLL's.


PECHKSUM [/nologo] [/nt] [/q] [/r] filespec

/nologoDon't display the program banner.
/ntDo not alter the file's modification date.
/qQuiet mode - suppress all output.
/rReport existing checksum only - do not update checksum.


pechksum c:\work\foo.exe

Sample Output:

PEChkSum 2.0 - Portable Executable Checksum Utility -
Copyright (C) 2009-2017 by Greg Wittmeyer - All Rights Reserved

C:\work\foo.exe : OK
  Old checksum: 0 (0x00000000)
  New checksum: 1881027 (0x001CB3C3)


  • The file specification can utilize the asterisk and question mark wildcards.  Multiple files can be specified by separating them with a space or semi-colon.
  • The %ErrorLevel% environment variable will contain 0 on success, 1-99 for parameter error, or 100 for failure.
  • Unicode characters in the filepath may cause the operation to fail due to a limitation in the MapFileAndCheckSum() Windows API.


Click the button below to download version 2.0 of PECHKSUM.EXE, released June 11th, 2017.