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To order a software license, please click on the appropriate "Purchase" link below:

Centurion SetupCenturion Setup$130
CSV Editor ProCSV Editor Pro$27
DJ JukeboxDJ Jukebox$25
Gammadyne MailerGammadyne Mailer$130
Mirror BackupMirror Backup$.80-$3/month
Random Word GeneratorRandom Word Generator$20
Round-Robin MailerRound-Robin Mailer$99

  • Amounts are in U.S. dollars.  To see other currencies, click "Purchase" and change the "Show Price In:" field.
  • To purchase credits for the Email Tracking System, click here.
  • When selecting PayPal, the order email address must match the PayPal address.  Alternatively, we can provide a PayPal invoice upon request.

Licensing Overview
Our flexible licensing policy is praised for allowing multiple installations and upgrades.  A license provides you with 5 activations.  Once the software is activated, all trial limitations are lifted, and the software will remain activated indefinitely as long as it stays on the same hard drive.  Minor upgrades (such as 1.0 to 1.1) are free.  Major upgrades (such as 1.0 to 2.0) cost one activation.  It is perfectly okay to use activations on multiple computers and for multiple users.  Unused activations do not expire.

Note:  HTMeLd and Mirror Backup are subscriptions and do not use activations.

Payment Processing
For your convenience, we use the industry-leading software payment processor 2Checkout.  2Checkout accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Novus, JCB, PayPal, Diner's Club, bank and wire transfers, and fax orders.  WebMoney is accepted in some countries.  We also accept crypto-currency.

Product Delivery
Our automated order processing system means that delivery will take place quickly, usually within minutes, regardless of time of day or holidays.  You will receive an email that contains your unique License ID, which is used to activate the trial download and unlock its limitations.

To activate, open the Help menu, choose Product Activation, enter or paste the License ID, and click the Activate icon.  One activation is permanently deducted from the license and the software is activated.  Once activated, all restricted features become unlocked.

Note:  if the License ID does not arrive within 1 hour, check your junk mail folder, then contact us.

Volume Discounts
A discount is offered to customers who purchase multiple licenses:

Quantity Discount
2-3 10%
4-7 20%
8-12 30%
13-19 40%
20-29 50%
30+ 60%

Licenses must be purchased at the same time to qualify for a discount.  Sorry, there are no "site" licenses.

Contact Us
If you have questions, click here to contact a sales associate.  There are also FAQ's here.