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Sony trusts its email marketing campaigns to Gammadyne Mailer. Boeing trusts its email marketing campaigns to Gammadyne Mailer.
Kodak trusts its email marketing campaigns to Gammadyne Mailer. CBS trusts its email marketing campaigns to Gammadyne Mailer.
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"Over the years Gammadyne has become a mission critical piece of software to our operations."
- David Goodale
"Finding Gammadyne Mailer was like a dream come true for us."
- Jonathan Deitch
"Gammadyne is absolutely the BEST bulk email solution out there."
- Cindy Papenheim

Sending Email

Gammadyne Mailer has a fast and powerful internal SMTP engine for sending email.  Ever since its introduction in 1999, Gammadyne Mailer has been perfected to achieve the highest delivery rate in the industry.  Your campaigns will reach more recipients, translating to more sales.

The simple setup consists of three basic steps:
  • Specify the content of the email (sender, subject, message body).
  • Specify the mailing list.
  • Specify the mail server that will relay the emails.
Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to configure Gammadyne Mailer to send email.  There is also a Wizard that helps guide you through the configuration process (located on the Wizards menu).
Key Features
  • No monthly fee.  It is vastly cheaper to run desktop software like Gammadyne Mailer than it is to use a hosted email service such as MailChimp.
  • Mail merge.  Improve the response rate by personalizing any part of the email with recipient specific data.
  • Tracking.  Obtain critical marketing information about who is opening your email and what links they are clicking on.
  • HTML email with graphics.  Your response rate will greatly benefit from an attractive HTML email.  Gammadyne Mailer includes a powerful HTML editor, but can also use externally created files and templates.
  • Multi-threading.  Sending multiple emails simultaneously will tremendously improve the delivery rate.
  • Direct delivery.  Send email directly to the recipient without using an intermediate SMTP server.
  • Indirect delivery.  Save money by relaying emails through another SMTP server, such as the one on your business's web server.  Or you can rent a server for a small fraction of the price of using an email service like Constant Contact.
  • Message preview.  You can preview what is going out and to whom.  This is especially important for confirming that personalization is working as expected.
  • Drip Marketing.  Supports sending a series of sequential follow-ups.

Additional Features
  • Built-In Scheduler.  Mailings can be launched automatically on a set schedule.
  • Throttling.  The delivery speed can be limited to improve the success rate and avoid blacklisting.  For maximum performance, each destination domain gets its own independent throttle.
  • Personalized attachments.  Different attachments can be sent to different recipients based on database fields.
  • Command line control.  A mailing can be launched from a command prompt, shortcut, batch file, third-party program, or Windows Task Scheduler.
  • There is no limit imposed on the size of the mailing list.
  • To improve performance, email can be load balanced over multiple SMTP servers and networking adapters.
  • To avoid complaints, specific domains, user names, and email addresses can be excluded from the mailing.
  • A mailing can be aborted, modified, then resumed at the point where it left off.
  • SSL/TLS encryption is supported for maximum privacy.
  • Supports DKIM, DomainKeys, and S/MIME, which are used to verify sender identity and message integrity.
  • Emails can contain a "View In Browser" link.  Gammadyne Mailer will upload each personalized HTML body to your website to make this work.
  • Third-party programs can use the Gammadyne Mailer SMTP engine, which is encapsulated in a DLL.  The engine can also be accessed as a COM object.

Gammadyne Mailer is not a "hosted" service, and does not charge a monthly fee.  In other words, Gammadyne does not provide an SMTP server through which to send email.  Other email marketing companies charge exorbitant fees for this.  The whole point of using desktop software like Gammadyne Mailer is to avoid this expense.  To deliver email, you have several options:

  1. Relay the email through your business's web server.  This will achieve the highest success rate at no additional cost.
  2. Relay the email through your ISP's mail server.  They will almost certainly limit the amount of email that they are willing to relay for you.  And there is a small risk that your ISP will drop your service if they believe you are spamming, although you will usually receive a warning first.
  3. Relay the email through a free email service like Gmail.  However, be aware that the number of emails will be severely limited (100/day for Gmail).
  4. Rent a regular web server.  Since it will only be used to send email, you can go with one that is really cheap.  The only feature it needs to have is the SMTP service.  Combining Gammadyne Mailer with a rented server is still vastly less expensive than using an email service.  Try one of our partners:
  5. Use a paid email service such as G Suite.
  6. Subscribe to an SMTP relay service      TurboSMTP      SMTP2Go
  7. Use Amazon SES.  The cost is $0.10 per 1000 emails.
  8. Send the email directly to the recipient.  This is accomplished by checking the "Direct Delivery" box on the Send/Delivery branch.  To determine if Direct Delivery is possible from your computer, use the "Direct Delivery Possible?" tool on the Test menu.