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Sony trusts its email marketing campaigns to Gammadyne Mailer. Boeing trusts its email marketing campaigns to Gammadyne Mailer.
Kodak trusts its email marketing campaigns to Gammadyne Mailer. CBS trusts its email marketing campaigns to Gammadyne Mailer.
Ford trusts its email marketing campaigns to Gammadyne Mailer. AT&T relies on Gammadyne Mailer for its email marketing software.
Cisco entrusts its email marketing efforts to Gammadyne Mailer. Intel uses Gammadyne Mailer for its email marketing campaigns.
"Over the years Gammadyne has become a mission critical piece of software to our operations."
- David Goodale
"Finding Gammadyne Mailer was like a dream come true for us."
- Jonathan Deitch
"Gammadyne is absolutely the BEST bulk email solution out there."
- Cindy Papenheim

Incoming Email Processing

Gammadyne Mailer has the versatility to automatically process virtually any type of incoming email, including bounce-backs, sign-ups, and opt-outs.  Doing these chores manually is all but unthinkable.  Let Gammadyne Mailer do the work for you and it will pay for itself in the first week.
Key Features
  • Email can be obtained from a POP3 or IMAP4 mail server (virtually all mail servers support one of these protocols), or directly from the hard drive.
  • Mail accounts can be continuously monitored for incoming email, processed on a schedule, or processed one time.
  • Incoming email addresses can be added to or removed from the database, recipient list, or exclusion list.  Duplicate sign-ups can be ignored.
  • Data can be extracted from the incoming email and added to a new row in the database.  Or, an existing database row can be located and updated.  Click here for details.
  • The Auto-Responder can automatically send a reply to all incoming messages that meet the criteria.  The auto-response can be personalized with database data, or even with information extracted from the incoming email.
  • Incoming email can be Auto-Forwarded to different addresses based on various criteria.
  • A G-Merge script can be executed when an incoming message is processed.  This allows incoming email to be automatically processed differently based on the contents of its headers or body.  For example, an auto-response can be sent if the keyword "HELP" is found in the subject.  Or the message can be forwarded to a different address if it was sent from a particular address or domain.  The versatility of G-Merge makes the possibilities endless.
  • On a stable system, crashes are virtually unheard of.  We have gone to great lengths to ensure that Gammadyne Mailer does not leak resources or memory.  It can run continuously for months at a time.
Additional Features
  • Incoming Operations can be launched automatically on a set schedule.
  • Criteria can be set to ignore messages that do not contain a particular keyword in the header, subject, or body.
  • Specific domains, user names, and email addresses can be excluded from processing.
  • Supports SSL/TLS encryption for maximum privacy.
  • "Soft" Bounces, such as when the mailbox is full, can be treated differently than Hard Bounces because delivery might be possible in the future.  Without this, you would unnecessarily lose subscribers.
  • Excessively large incoming emails can be deleted without being downloaded.
  • Forwarded email can be censored for profanity and racial insults.
  • List-Serving is supported.  When one member of the list sends an email, it is forwarded to every other member on the list.  This is sometimes referred to as a Discussion Group.
  • Round-robin forwarding is supported.  This is useful for distributing leads to a sales team.

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