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HTML Email

An email body comes in two flavors:  plain text and HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).  HTML can be used to create very attractive messages, complete with formatted text, embedded graphics, and tables.

Gammadyne Mailer contains a powerful WYSIWYG HTML Editor for creating HTML emails.  It can also use an externally created HTML file, like the ones created by BeeFree.

Screenshot of Gammadyne Mailer's WYSIWYG HTML Editor.
The HTML body can be personalized with G‑Merge, Gammadyne Mailer's built-in scripting language.  Here is an example:

Dear [[FirstName]],<br>
Thank you for signing up for the Plasma TV Newsletter.&nbsp;
You will receive the next issue shortly.<br>
Your sign-up details are as follows:<br>
First name: [[FirstName]]<br>
Last name: [[LastName]]<br>
Email address: [[Email]]<br>

For more details about G‑Merge, install Gammadyne Mailer, then go here:  Help file (F1) > Table of Contents > G‑Merge

HTML images are fully supported, and very easy to use.  Gammadyne Mailer automatically scans each outgoing email, and modifies the <img> tags to work with email.  Unsafe characters are automatically removed from the image filename.  The only choice you need to make is whether the images should be internal (embedded in the email), or external (referenced by an Internet URL).  Internal images do not require a web server to host the image files.  External images keep the emails small and speed up the mailing.  We recommend sticking with internal images.

There are two additional features that you are sure to appreciate.  Gammadyne Mailer can automatically insert the "width" and "height" attributes into all of your <img> tags.  This ensures that the layout remains consistent, even if the recipient's email client does not download the images.  It can also automatically shrink each image to the size that it is displayed at.  This reduces the size of the email, reduces bandwidth usage, makes the email appear faster in the email client, and speeds up the mailing.

Text Also
When using HTML, a text version should also be included.  If the end-user's email client cannot handle HTML, it will automatically display the text body instead.  Fortunately, Gammadyne Mailer can do the conversion for you.  Simply check the "Build Text Body from HTML" box on the HTML Body/Options branch.

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