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Gammadyne Mailer Database Support

Gammadyne Mailer offers an internal database for holding your mailing list.  You are free to create as many tables, and columns, as you like.  But it can also integrate directly with an existing third-party database.  All ODBC-compliant databases are supported, including Access, Act!, Centura SQLBase, dBASE, Excel, FileMaker, FoxPro, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.  It can also connect to many CRM databases.

Database integration has many advantages, including:

  • Use your existing data directly.  No importing is necessary!
  • Outgoing emails can be personalized with database data.
  • Data from incoming emails can be extracted and added to the database.  This is very useful for automating mailing list sign-ups, processing form data, etc.
  • Searching and removing recipients is much faster with a database than a simple file (provided that the email address column is indexed).
  • List segmentation (see below).
Is a database required?
A database is not required.  Gammadyne Mailer can send to a list of email address in a plain ASCII text file, which looks like this:

It can even merge in data from a comma-separated text file (.CSV), which looks like this:

1,John Public,,26
2,Jane Doe,,30
3,Jim Smith,,28

Integration Details
Gammadyne Mailer connects to an external database via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).  This is a Microsoft standard that is designed to allow any application to talk to any database.

Because Gammadyne Mailer is a 32‑bit application, it requires the 32‑bit ODBC driver, even if your operating system is 64‑bit.  If you don't see the driver in the list, go to the database vendor's website and download and install their 32‑bit ODBC driver.

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to integrate Gammadyne Mailer with a database.
The mailing list can be segmented or filtered according to the contents of any database column.  This allows you to send to a select group of recipients.  Segmentation is accomplished by specifying one or more requirements on the Clauses branch, as seen in this screenshot:

Screenshot of Gammadyne Mailer's mailing list segmentation ability.