Gammadyne Corporation

Clyton on a Flash Drive

Clyton, Gammadyne's powerful email client, can be installed on a USB flash drive (a.k.a. thumb drive, memory stick).  This allows you to carry Clyton around with you, and use it from any computer to send and receive email.  All settings and emails are stored directly on the flash drive for a seamless user experience.  Clyton is truly plug and play.

Follow these steps to install Clyton on a flash drive:

  1. Go to a computer that does not have Clyton already installed on it.
  2. Plug in the flash drive.
  3. Launch Clyton's installer.  When asked where to install, specify a folder named "Clyton" on the flash drive.  For example, if the flash drive is H: then the installation folder should be "H:\Clyton".
  4. After installation, Clyton must be launched at least once before plugging the flash drive into another computer.

Spell Checker
To get the Gammadyne Spell Checking Module to run from the flash drive, download and install it to the hard drive.  Then use File Explorer to copy the "Speller" folder from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System-G" to "x:\Clyton\System-G".

  • Clyton will store all emails and configuration files on the flash drive.  Because flash drives have a limited number of writes, using Clyton on a flash drive will shorten its lifespan.  It would be wise to refrain from shredding emails, as this involves a series of writes.
  • It is perfectly okay if the flash drive is not always assigned the same drive letter.
  • A shortcut to Clyton is installed on the root of the flash drive.
  • All global settings and skins used by the System‑G user interface are kept on the flash drive.  Normally all System‑G programs share these settings, but not in this case.  This allows you to use Clyton on a computer that has never had a System‑G application installed.

Because Clyton is not tied to a single computer, it cannot be uninstalled by Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.  Instead, the files must be manually deleted from the flash drive.  Delete the entire folder where Clyton is installed, as well as the shortcut in the root of the flash drive.