Gammadyne Corporation
"I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy DocPad.  What an absolutely nice all around multi-feature text editor."
- Sidris Henriksen
"The best I've found of many I've tried.  It's my replacement for Notepad & WordPad."
- John
"Been using it for about 6 months and don't know what I would do without it now."
- Sidney Hobbs



Text Editor for Windows

DocPad is a free alternative to Notepad.  Although it fills the same role, plain text editing, it offers an arsenal of time-saving tools:  block indent/unindent, bookmarking, case conversion, customizable toolbar, encoding conversion, file backups, file history, jump to line/offset, keyboard macros, print preview, search and replace, skinnable interface, spell checking, statistics, variable pitch font, and much more.  It also includes a built-in calculator, calendar, and character map.
  • The Tabbed Document Interface allows you to open multiple files for editing in one window.
  • Undo up to 100 changes
  • Edits files with 8-bit ASCII characters or 16-bit unicode characters.
  • Search and replace, with case-insensitive, whole-word, and regular expression options.
  • Calculator, calendar, and character map tools
  • Backups of every changed file can easily be restored
  • Spell checking (English and Spanish)
  • Toolbar, Status Bar
  • Keyboard macros (unlimited in size and number)
  • Scalable, skinnable user interface
  • Word wrap
  • Statistics on characters, words, lines, and paragraphs
  • Convert to lower/upper/title/sentence case
  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Text drag & drop
  • Imports HTML files, converting to plain text
  • Print and Print Preview (user can adjust margins, font, page numbering).
  • Block indention and unindention
  • Bookmark
  • Jump to line/character
  • Normalize spaces
  • File type association tool
  • Recent file history
  • Convert various encodings including Base-64, Quoted-Printable, UTF-8, etc.
  • Alphabetization of paragraphs
  • Trim trailing spaces from lines
  • Detailed help file

And it's free!
Click the button below to download DocPad version 25.0, released on February 25th, 2020.  Microsoft Windows is required (XP or later).

  • The download is a self-contained executable installer.  Simply open the file to begin installation.
  • The download is approximately 11 MB and installation will use approximately 40 MB of hard disk space.
  • If you prefer to download the installer inside of a .zip file, click here.
  • To update an existing installation, simply install the new version over the old one.
DocPad is fully functional freeware.  However, if you like it, you can make a donation (available in $5 increments).