Gammadyne Corporation

Windows Software

Gammadyne is a developer of sophisticated business applications for Windows.  More info...

Click for Gammadyne Mailer screenshots.Gammadyne Mailer
Our flagship product, Gammadyne Mailer is essential Windows software for automating a business's email marketing.  With no monthly fees, you can save a fortune over expensive email services like Constant Contact.
Click for HTMeLd screenshots.HTMeLd
HTMeLd accelerates your website by "melding" images, style sheets, and scripts directly into the HTML pages.  This makes your pages load faster, which also improves the Google "Page Experience" score, and therefore your Google rank.
Click for Round-Robin Mailer screenshots.Round-Robin Mailer
Does your company have a sales staff?  Do you have leads arriving by email?  If so, you probably need a solution that distributes sales leads promptly, reliably, and fairly to your staff.  Round-Robin Mailer does exactly that.
Click for Centurion Setup screenshots.Centurion Setup
Centurion Setup builds professional software installation packages for Windows, self-contained in a single, compressed executable file.  With an arsenal of features and a rock-solid design, your product will be in good hands.
Click for Clyton screenshots.Clyton
Clyton is a highly advanced email client that keeps your messages and contacts secure, and prevents spam from wasting your precious time.
Click for CSV Editor Pro screenshots.CSV Editor Pro
CSV Editor Pro is the professional choice for working with CSV files.  Packed with a wide array of features and tools, its potential for saving time means that it will likely pay for itself in the first week.
Click for Serlog screenshots.Serlog
Serlog is a server log analyzer that answers some crucial marketing questions:  What search engine keywords are visitors using?  What websites are sending us traffic?  And most importantly, what websites are referring visitors who make purchases?
Click for Mirror Backup screenshots.Mirror Backup
Mirror Backup gives you peace of mind by maintaining a mirror image backup of your important folders.  It does this quietly in the background with minimal impact on your computer's performance.  And if a data loss does occur, Mirror Backup will walk you through the restoration process and have you back in business as fast as possible.
Click for String-O-Matic screenshots.String-O-Matic
String-O-Matic performs multiple text search and replace operations on multiple files.  This program is an absolute must for computer programmers and webmasters.
Click for Scratchboard screenshots.Scratchboard
Scratchboard is a secure vault for your passwords and personal information.  It's also perfect for quickly filling out forms.