Gammadyne Corporation

Custom Software Development

Need a solution to a problem that no one seems to offer?  Gammadyne provides custom software development services.  This comes in two flavors:
New Features
Sometimes users of our off-the-shelf programs would like to see a new feature added.  We can often accommodate this for a very reasonable price.
New Software
Need an entirely new desktop application built from the ground up?  We can get it done on-time and on-budget.

New Features
Our commercial software is very good but it may not have the exact tool or feature that would make your life a lot easier.  If you are patient, you can pitch us the idea and wait until it eventually shows up in a future release, although this is not guaranteed.  But if you are willing to pay a small fee, we can implement your idea right away.  Once it is complete, you will be able to download a "beta", which is a private pre-release of the software with the modifications made.  Of course, if there are any problems with what we've done, they'll be fixed and another beta made available.

The cost will depend on what you want done, but you will be surprised at how inexpensive this service can be.  You're not paying the full cost of development.  After all, the new feature will become a standard part of the program.  You are really just paying to accelerate the development schedule.

New Software
We would be happy to develop a completely new program for you.  Having the right tools is essential for your business to grow and run efficiently.  We have a passion for creating powerful and stable software.  And we guarantee you'll love the result.

We will not outsource your project to India.  Your program will be developed by American software engineers located in Kansas City.  Our strengths include user interfaces, databases, email, reporting, encryption, and multithreading.  We code in C++ for power and performance.  There is no faster language.

Here are some key things you need to know:

  • We only develop desktop applications for Windows.  We do not develop websites or web-based apps.
  • We retain ownership of the software and its source code.  You will have a perpetual license to use the software on as many computers as you wish.  Resale is possible with a royalty agreement.
  • The source code is not provided.  This is because it will be using System‑G, our massive codebase that has been growing since 1994.  System‑G allows us to offer much lower prices because we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Getting Started
Please use our contact form to provide your phone number, email address, and a brief description of the project.  From there we will review the requirements with you and prepare a contract that includes project milestones and a delivery date.