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CSV Editor Pro

CSV Editor Pro is the professional choice for working with CSV files.  Packed with an arsenal of features and tools, it can save you a tremendous amount of time and effort.  CSV Editor Pro supports sorting, filtering, multiline editing, search and replace, graphing, deduplicate, unicode, undo, printing, and much more.  Although the interface is simple and intuitive, a detailed help file is provided.  Download the fully functional trial today!


  • Full set of tools for manipulating columns and rows:  insert, delete, copy, paste, duplicate, and rearrange.
  • Supports an optional "multiline editing mode" where you can edit multiple lines of text in a cell.
  • Supports UTF-8 encoded files and unicode characters.  For 8-bit files, you may choose a code page.
  • Supports "Undo" for most tools.
  • Warns if any line of data has too many or too few fields.  You can jump directly to a damaged line and fix it by shifting cells left or right.
  • "Filter Mode" will hide all rows that don't contain a specified piece of text.  The filter can be a simple phrase, a search engine style query, regular expression, or even a conditional such as "amount < 50".
  • Full set of text editing tools:  spell checking, keyboard macros, calculator, calendar, character map, and much more.
  • Search and replace on the entire table or a single column.  Regular expressions are supported.
  • Cut, copy, and paste rows from one CSV file to another, even if they have different column names.
  • The CSV data can be displayed as a graph.
  • Export to HTML.
  • Deduplicate rows.
  • Automatically creates a backup before overwriting a file.
  • Drag and drop of rows and text.
  • Multiple rows can be selected and deleted in one step.
  • Instantly zoom the interface with the F11/F12 keys.


Click the button below to download CSV Editor Pro version 15.0, released February 18th, 2019.  Microsoft Windows is required (XP or later).

The download is a fully-functional 30-day trial.  After 30 days, please purchase a license.

  • The download is a self-contained executable installer.  Simply open the file to begin installation.
  • The download is approximately 10 MB and installation will use approximately 36 MB of hard disk space.
  • If you prefer to download the installer inside of a .zip file, click here.
  • To update an existing installation, simply install the new version over the old one.


To purchase a license for only $25 U.S. please click the button below.