Gammadyne Corporation


Gammadyne accepts several forms of crypto-currency as payment for a software license.  In fact, we like crypto so much, we offer a 10% discount for it.  Unfortunately our credit card processor 2Checkout does not accept crypto, however you can send it to us directly.


  • Obtain the price of the license from here.  This amount is in U.S. dollars.  Multiply by .9 to account for your discount.
  • Convert this price to your preferred form of crypto.  Your Cryptocurrency Exchange may be able to do this for you.  Otherwise, you will have to use a third-party calculator.  Alternatively, ask us for a quote.
  • Send the crypto to Gammadyne's wallet:
    Bitcoin (BTC):3MWMZ4nUGimPsQSScx5PACAMVjJxFsiH55  
    Bitcoin Cash (BCH):qzjrwxdlff4n5rjet7pq242vjvf4yfj6dv22zs87pm  
    Ethereum (ETH):0xB6C1cd133A4DA2bC80451760761EEeC4a6bF8132  
    Litecoin (LTC):MByJnJUcRgfNXtapPaUz1t9iGhZ9iJE2s4  
    USDT on Ethereum:0xA43b016674D521a7A1c3Aa8F3bc2B4BD5Aa30ec5  
    USDT on Tron (TRC20):TUsPcqpUZVYJSa33oeagvHYCNgwr4bGJ8N  
  • Notify us that the crypto was sent.  Include the transaction number if you can.  You can also tell us what name/company the license should be associated with, although anonymous licenses are okay too.
  • As soon as the transaction is confirmed, usually within an hour, we will email you the License ID and instructions.  The License ID is entered into the program to unlock it.