Gammadyne Corporation


Following is a directory of informational articles that Gammadyne has written for the benefit of our users.

Improving Email Deliverability - guidelines for improving email deliverability and avoiding spam filters.

HTML Design Considerations For Email - some things to consider when designing an HTML email.

The "Relaying Denied" Email Error - an explanation of this very common email delivery error.

The "Direct Delivery" Email Sending Method - an explanation of how a program delivers email directly to each recipient, without the use of an intermediate mail server.

Authentication Failed - an explanation of what this email sending error means, and what causes it.

Signup Forms - how to implement a web form that subscribes a user to a mailing list.

Opt-Out Forms - how to implement a web form that unsubscribes a user from a mailing list.

Spam: What You Need To Know - an article on what spam is, why it's bad, and how to prevent it.

Regular Expressions - describes the syntax of regular expressions, which are supported by various features in Gammadyne's programs.

SMTP Error 554 5.7.1 - a common email delivery error that indicates that your email is "not allowed".

Windows Registry Tutorial - an explanation of the Windows registry and how to edit it.

Windows Stock Fonts - a list of the standard system fonts that ships with each version of Windows.

Computer Programming Code Of Ethics - a moral code for computer programmers.

The "BCC Mode" Email Sending Method - an explanation of the BCC Mail Sending Mode, which can greatly speed up a large, uniform mailing operation.

System‑G - information about the shared codebase that all of Gammadyne's programs are based on.