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Gammadyne Corporation prides itself on product quality and customer service.  Following are some of the compliments we have received from our customers.

If you are a satisfied customer, or even if you aren't, feel free to let us know.


Centurion Setup
Connection Keeper
CSV Editor Pro
Gammadyne Mailer
Random Word Generator
Round-Robin Mailer

Centurion Setup
"We use [Centurion Setup] in two separate fields of our business, both dealing with setup of our own programs, the first being law enforcement and the second for special education teachers.  With this program, we have now been able to get both of our programs out into North Carolina.  If it had not been for such a professionally maintained and organized company as Gammadyne we not only would be still having problems with the setup that we purchased from another company but we would not be branching out into Tennessee now.  Our company is very small, but our business is not small.  I can honestly say that finding Gammadyne on the Internet was probably one of the best things to happen to our company."

Ray McClendon, LeRae Software
"Centurion Setup - Easily worth twice what I paid.  I evaluated 6 others and yours was the winner hands up.  Great product and doesn't drive Windows 10 crazy LOL.  Good work guys."

Dennis DeLaurier, Crescent Multimedia
"Thank you once again for your outstanding customer support.  Where else can a customer send a non-urgent, Friday night email request for help, and find Monday morning a custom-written utility program that completely satisfies the need?  And this is not the first time you have come through by changing Centurion Setup immediately upon my humble request.  I strive to provide such amazing support to my customers;  it is so rare today and so very much appreciated.  I highly recommend Gammadyne Corporation and Centurion Setup."

Bob Everly, NeuralWare
"Your [Centurion Setup] is one of the best software products I've ever used.  It is extremely well organized and designed.  You made it very easy for someone to just jump in and use it; not like other products where you have to spend a day and a half reading the nuances of how to make the software work."

M. Rothberg
"Man you guys are good!!!  Thanks for the quick response - thanks for the great product [Centurion Setup] - and thanks for the excellent tech support."

Very satisfied customer
M. DeCapite
"This is really a great program...very well thought out, practical, and easy to use.  I like it more with each use.  I create business applications in Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic, and [Centurion Setup] seems to be well-suited for both of these development environments.  After trying out several comparably-priced tools (under $100), I eventually found [Centurion Setup] at  In my professional opinion, none of the other setup utilities in this price range even come close to [Centurion Setup] for flexibility and ease of use.  I have had a little exposure to the "big dogs" like InstallShield and Wise.  Yes, they are "powerful," but they are also have huge learning curves and are outrageously expensive.  Frankly, whatever advantages these products might have over [Centurion Setup] would hardly ever be used by most developers and are certainly not worth hundreds of my hard-earned dollars."

B. Heilmann
"[Centurion Setup] is guys should hire someone who targets existing InstallShield customers.  You could convert a lot of them.  95% of them would be much better off with your product.  We do a 100mb on a CD and installshield is an incredible disk pig.  It gets updates screwed up, it is very slow, it is missing a bunch of features yours has.  Thanks."

T. Hansen
"I am writing this letter to you, not as a request for help or an expression of dissatisfaction, but as thanks for your incredible program and support up to now.  I thoroughly appreciate the work which goes into [Centurion Setup] and thank you for producing such a great product.  I frequently use [Centurion Setup] to make installation programs for the software which I develop and I would like to thank you for a job well done.  Thank you very much, [Centurion Setup] has made my life a lot easier."

Alexander Wiseman
"My team in Australia really likes Centurion Setup.  We tried it on many PCs and many Windows versions and we never encountered any problems.  We've been using it for years now.  The support is also great."

Steve Thompson
"Thanks for the latest [Centurion Setup] upgrade.  Great utility.  I work with schools throughout the UK and the [Centurion Setup] has made my file distribution so much easier."

P. Vant
Assistant Headteacher in a London school
"I am so grateful to you for Centurion Setup!  I have my setup program doing exactly what I wanted my it to do, and more!

I spent a lot of time tweaking and testing my setup program.  So I really understand how well implemented Centurion Setup is.  I am a very happy Gammadyne devotee!"

Wells H. Anderson
"One word: AWESOME!!  I didn't think it possible to make a great program [Centurion Setup] better, but you did.  I love the help file and the way you can print the contents and the new skins are really cool.  Keep up the good work and many thanks."

Dave Yerkes
"Kudos!!  I found the shareware version of [Centurion Setup] during a web search for extraction software for my business.  I downloaded it and was very surprised!!  I have no computer programming experience at all, but within a couple of hours I was on my way to building a nice looking archive.  I was sold!  I purchased it and went to work!!  I was not up to speed with all the terms, but with the speedy help of your support team I was able to accomplish my goals.  What America needs.....great software at a really great price.  I'm sold on Gammadyne!!"

Rick Johnson
"Thanks for the new version of [Centurion Setup]!  I use your utility quite a bit to bundle a free game mod I've worked on over the last year, and it is great!  I know very little about archival programs, except that pkzip generated a lot of errors that had me chasing my tail for some time.  All those disappeared when I began using your program, and the several hundred users of the mod have given me many compliments on the quality and ease of the unarchiving process using your program.

I have only registered a handful of programs, and I am pleasantly surprised at the level of support you've given me for my money.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!"

Greg "Hosehead" Highnote
"Centurion Setup is great because it runs on all windows versions that we have tested: windows 10, windows 7 and even windows xp.  The tech support is really awesome. Keep up the good work guys."

Larry from
"I just wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work that you've put into the [Centurion Setup] program.  It's a fantastic piece of software that I'm using to distribute my application.  Kudos!"

P. Perkins
"Well done.  A first class program [Centurion Setup].  Easy to use, with good help facilities.  It makes the compacting and delivery of files so easy to achieve."

"Hats off!  [Centurion Setup] has to be the easiest program to create self-extracting exe files I have ever seen and that's over 22 years (since the 80's).  I'm definitely buying this program."

Leo Davidson
"Praise!  For Centurion Setup!  I've been a user of this package for many years now.  In the beginning, I had sent emails asking how to get something coded and voila!  I was sent a download because the application was updated to meet my needs.  I'm still using it and I'm very satisfied with it."

Cathy Finato
Angel Speaks Communications Products
"I have no words to express my excitement about [Centurion Setup]... My opinion it's the best ..."

Michael Ray
"I just want to thank you for [Centurion Setup].  I work for a small company that distributes Microsoft Word files with specialized macros.  We needed an inexpensive way to distribute the files without the risk of many technical support calls.  Your product works great across many platforms.  I like the fact that I have used your product for years and I am e-mailed automatically for my updated version."

Diana Ventura
"[Centurion Setup] is what software should be, simple, intuitive, and powerful."

Jon Hulka
"Just wanted you to know that I purchased [Centurion Setup] and it is outstanding...everything I needed...easy to use, professional looking installation, shortcuts, EULA...etc.

To you and your team...a job very well done!"

James E. Livingston
"I purchased [Centurion Setup] recently and just wanted to send you a note of thanks.  I was able to build installs for all five of our products in one afternoon which is amazing especially when you compare that to the previous agony of using InstallShield.  Even better, I haven't had a single complaint from our customers which makes my job even easier.  Thanks for making [Centurion Setup], it has saved me time & money and helped me sell more software."

G. Ward
"I have been using [Centurion Setup] for about 3 years (v13.1) to distribute my Excel Add-in, OCX's and associated files.  It's a terrific piece of software."

Gregory Foresi
"One word: AWESOME!! I didn't think it possible to make a great program [Centurion Setup] better, but you did.  I love the help file and the way you can print the contents and the new skins are really cool.  Keep up the good work and many thanks."

Sophie Dupant
"I recommend this Setup Program as the best Setup-Maker I have had until now.  It's rock-solid, a lot faster in building the Setup then comparable other programs, and has all needed features.  Also it's customizable."

Theo Gottwald, Smart Package Robot

"I like [Clyton] so much that it's not only a Pick, but it's also a Dr. File Finder Favorite and in 25 years of reviewing software there haven't been many of those.  So, if you're looking for an email client with some punch and a good spread of features, this may be exactly what you need."

Michael E. Callahan (aka Dr. File Finder)
"[Clyton] is a vast improvement over Microsoft Mail, and I'm a very happy camper...This just might prove to be the best twenty bucks I've ever spent."

Ken McVay
"I have used almost every email client (both paid and free) since purchasing my first PC in 1998.  I am happy to say that I think I have found the client for me and it is Clyton 9.0.  This is the best $20.00 I have ever spent online.  You have Postbox, emClient, EmailTray, Everdesk, and all the free clients beat hands down.  The program does have a little bit of a learning curve; but, nothing to complain about.  I am thankful I have found you and I hope to stay with you until my PC days are over."

Robert K. Fricks
"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am with your Clyton email client.  It provides excellent functionality, a clean appearance, and easy customization.  Wonderful job!  Its interface is also refreshing in a world of blurry little Vista fonts and transparent windows.  Great for those of us who choose not to always wear our glasses!"

Eric Wilson
"I have used Eudora 6.02 for many years but it has problems with Windows 7 and I don't like Thunderbird.  Yours is by far the best of several I have looked at!"

"I love Clyton & the other products I have tried!  I wish I had known about it years ago! :-(

They are by far the most well thought out and useful applications I've ever used!"

Richard Best
"Clyton I bought a month ago.  A more convenient mail client I had not seen.  Thanks to developers.  This is a great, easy to use program without jambs."

Борис Хуторян
"You're doing a really good job here cobber, my satisfaction is running about 9.5/10 :)"

"Looked for weeks on the internet, tried other programs, but yours [Clyton] is by far the best, but somehow you need to come up sooner on an internet search."

Darian Throop

Connection Keeper
"To only say that I am delighted with Connection Keeper would be a gross understatement.  The program is wonderful.  Thank you for writing such a great piece of software.  I have been using it since the first available version and keep a good upgrade path."

B. Kartina
"Over the past couple of years, I have tried other products to keep you on-line with AOL, Wizon and Popup Monitor.  Both were only moderately effective.  I tried your product [Connection Keeper] for a couple of days and found it superior in every way.  Even though I didn't need to register it, I did as it is well worth the money.  Keep up the good work."

J. Haering
"Just a short note to say thanks for Connection Keeper.  What a great program!  I didn't have to change a thing - just run the program.  Before, I kept getting "kicked off" by my ISP every 20 minutes or so of inactivity - now, with Connection Keeper, I decide when I want to disconnect!  Thank you again!"

J. Kraynak
"[Connection Keeper] is great!  For the first time since I signed my three-year contract with my lousy ISP, I can stay online for more than fifteen minutes or so without being booted off."

Marvin Hoffmann
"My ISP is nasty about cutting you off.  The Connection Keeper is by far the best cool little tool I have ever used to keep me alive!  It's small, easy to download, install, configure and use.  It's kept me connected when others have failed."

Timothy Peterson
"The best stay-connected programme I have ever used.  [Connection Keeper] really works, The ONLY time I ever get disconnected is when my 4hr limit is up."

Judy Lane
"Connection Keeper is a jewel.  My ISP is only one step above "free;" hence far from the best.  It's been taking 1-1/2 to 3 minutes just to move from website to website and, then, to top it off the ISP disconnects me when I am downloading.  Finally got fed up; searched and found CK, loaded it, rebooted, and I've been on the net for over three hours downloading with no interruption from the ISP."

"I run my PC from home across a broadband connection.  It runs a simple web server and an FTP server.  Even broadband drops sometimes, but those worries are a thing of the past with Connection Keeper.  Well done guys - for once a really *useful* bit of s/ware."

"What a amazing app!  I've been struggling with loss of my internet connection since Microsofts "famous" update that killed thousands of good machines with stable working connections.  I think I've tried almost everything from some miraclefix app to giving myself blue screen of death when I messed up registry a bit:)  And then I found your app and guess what, no loss at all so far.  Compared to 10 to 20 breakdowns I would say that it works pretty frickin good.

Thank you so very much for this little diamond!"

"Connection Keeper solved a problem I had almost given up on.  I have cable internet (Charter-Cisco modem- Belkin N+ router).  Every day when I came home from work, I found that I had no internet connection.  I had to reset the modem & router every day!  Charter techs were out a few times, checked our lines, replaced the modem, but nothing worked.   Googling the problem implied that the Belkin router was to blame.  One Charter tech said it happens all the time no matter what router you have.  As a last ditch effort, I found Connection Keeper.  I haven't been disconnected once in the last 10 days since it's been installed!!  AMAZING!! "

"Please accept my thanks for an excellent product.  I have been using Connection Keeper for 30 days with excellent results.  It was easy to install and use.  I had been getting obnoxious requests from my browser (AOL) asking if I wanted to stay online after only a few minutes of "inactivity".  I had been looking for such a program for about a year..."

K. Zerrien
"About 5 years ago I was introduced to Connection Keeper (CK) by a very wise PC Tech because my past ISP would drop me like a scolding hot potato every two hours, back then CK was the bomb for me and all that I recommended the program to, since then I had moved up to a cable ISP but most recently I unfortunately have had to go back to dialup and the first thing I thought about was old faithful CK which as I read over the new options isn't so old, I loved that program then as much as I do now.  I wouldn't connect to the net with out it."

R. Merks
"When we were using dial-up services, we were always booted off.  We started looking for ways to stay online, and used service after service.  The only reliable service was Gammadyne [Connection Keeper].  We suggest everyone give them a try.  They have great tools, and great support."

James Cushner

CSV Editor Pro
"Thank you very much for your amazing CSV editor! I like it very much.  I'm in constant search for a good and better CSV editor for Windows.  I've tried quite a few.  Finally I've found a truly satisfying CSV editor!  I've already deleted all the other CSV editors I used to use."

Tsvi Sadan
"[CSV Editor Pro] has improved immensely especially with regard to speed and size of file handled.  Your GUI is far superior to any other similar software."

Ed McCullough

"I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy DocPad.  What an absolutely nice all 'round multi-feature text editor.  Last night I realized that since installing it a few months ago I probably haven't opened Ultra Edit or Word a single time.  Doc's skin editor is nothing short of a lifesaver for the vision impaired.  Years ago I sustained an injury which nearly cost me the use of my right eye.  Working and sometimes nearly living in front of a monitor takes a toll on anyone's vision over time but in my case it's only a matter of hours before I start feeling the strain of ocular overcompensatory fatigue.  My "good" left eye not only performs its share of my vision duties but picks up where my right eye isn't able.  By the end of the day it often looks like it's gone out on a weekend drinking binge while the rest of me stayed home alone :)

I think it's so cool to open Doc and find a text editor that serves all my needs so well plus the bonus of "skinnability" without having to wrack my brain or fall asleep under a five pound user manual.  I can fiddle with the editor for a couple of minutes and voila!  I'm good to go with colors and textures which tend to give my peepers extra mileage.  For free :)  I love ol' Doc enough, though, that I'd come across with a few bucks if you ever decided to charge for it.

Come to think of it, several years ago I used the Gammadyne emailer to send out a newsletter for an athletic supply company.  It was probably late '99 or early 2000 and even back then I was impressed with all the personalization features and the very good 3d quality of the buttons and toolbars.  Evidently Gammadyne has had an ongoing vision that if people have to live with software that it should at least be software that's easy and aesthetically pleasing to live with."

Sidris Henriksen
"Thank you so much for your wonderful DocPad, been using it for about 6 months and don't know what I would do without it now.  It's so "Un-Fussy" and a very good tool."

Sidney (Stan) Hobbs
"In a word (or two), DocPad is G-R-E-A-T!  My favorite was Textpad 4.2 -- but textpad is now grossly bloated.  PLEASE keep DocPad simple.  Fix bugs, improve efficiency, but please don't pack it up w/ features 99% of users never need!  Make DocPad the Irfanview of WPs.  Great work!"

"I just wanted to thank you for such a useful, mature, and free, product.  Plus, it's so fast on Win10 that I'm awed!"

Ken Mason
"Hi, I'm Jarno, and I just want to say hello and thank you for this wonderful program that completely replaces the (incomplete) windows text editor.  For years I have installed and tried dozens of programs that claim to be the replacements for windows notepad and I have had dozens of disappointments... until I found this wonderful program... it works perfect, in all aspects, with unicode, utf8, etc. For me, the most important thing is the signs... commas, accents, etc.

Thank you, a thousand thanks, for this incredible program."

Jarno Millersønn
"DocPad instantly became my top recommended Windows Note-Wordpad replacement.  I will continue to assess it's features, but for now I have chosen to install it on all newly refurbished/upgraded pc systems.  I feel that the direction you've taken as far as user friendliness and GUI is refreshing.  It comes much closer than most to staying below the threshold between the more technically savvy users and those I feel are the majority with less technical understanding of computers that need more help associating feature with function through a non-intimidating, graphically pleasing interface, especially the older folks.  Keep up the good work! "

Roger S.
"Just to say that my usual response to yet another Notepad replacement is please! give us a break.  But I have to say that DocPad is the business.  It has everything that the average user could want and none of the nonsense.  A really classy job."

Mike Fletcher
"I use DocPad daily. It's an indispensable tool, the perfect compromise between text editors that are too basic and bloated Word Processors.  It also replaces other tools like task managers and to-do lists that are overly complicated and defeat the purpose.  Thanks for making DocPad available and keeping it updated."

Vernon Blake
"Your app [DocPad] is near perfect and very user friendly."


Gammadyne Mailer
"Thank you for your continued support and updates to the Gammadyne software.  Over the years Gammadyne has become a mission critical piece of software to our operations at  We originally purchased the software to process incoming email form submissions for merchant account applications, but over the years it has grown to become the linchpin of the customer correspondence system that we have implemented to stay in touch with customers.  We use Gammadyne Mailer to process merchant applications, update database information on our webserver, stay in touch prospective customers, and offer ongoing support and assistance to our clients.  On the surface Gammadyne may appear to be an email processing program, but with G-Merge it has the power to do complex database calls and other highly specialized functions.  I would go so far to say that if I could only pick one piece of software to assist in the automation of day to day operations of the business, it would be Gammadyne Mailer.  For the price, the value of this software is unbelievable.  I've been a customer since 2003, and recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone requiring a powerful email processing software."

David Goodale
"I think [Gammadyne Mailer] is the best piece of mailing list software you can get."

Click here to read the entire review.

Joe Tex
"[Gammadyne Mailer] is an excellent product and will support all of your needs and more... Easy to use and functional, Gammadyne is extremely flexible and can be used with other software packages, for example Excel and Access, which means that databases can be built easily and then transferred."

Internetworks Magazine
March 2002 p. 85
"Finding Gammadyne Mailer was like a dream come true for us.  This product is everything we could have hoped for.  The ability to do multipart e-mail (with the text portion presented first), connect to any database, and the amazingly functional and easy to learn G-Merge language that allows you to drop in variable text is a home run in our book.

I challenge anyone to find more functionality in an outbound e-mail marketing product anywhere."

Jonathan D. Deitch, Ph.D.
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
"Gammadyne who?" was what the technology managers at said at first.  After searching for all the permission marketing software out there (most costing tens of thousands of dollars), I surprisingly arrived at [Gammadyne Mailer]--an application that perfectly matched our enterprise's needs.  Thank you for writing such a robust application."

Allen Chen
"I just wanted to let you know that, even after we've been using [Gammadyne Mailer] for many years and have researched other products during that time, we have found that Gammadyne is absolutely the BEST bulk email solution out there.

We recommend Gammadyne to all of our colleagues at the Public Broadcasting television and radio stations throughout the county.  I know that some of those colleagues have purchased Gammadyne and are as pleased with it as we are.

Thanks for helping us continue to harness the power of media for the public good!"

Cindy Papenheim
Senior Manager, Twin Cities Public Television
"Gammadyne Mailer has been a godsend for me as I have gotten contracts to handle emarketing for several new clients.  I create customized databases for each client using MS-ACCESS, then link Gammadyne to each database for bulk email operations.  I use your scripting capabilities to update each record in a database that has had a successful send operation so that people don't receive the same email twice.

Being a computer software consultant for almost 30 years, I naturally did a very thorough search on the internet for a bulk emailing package with just the right combination of features at an affordable price.  Gammadyne Mailer was the hands-down winner, and I have been totally satisfied with the results.  I would like to say to any potential users out there: "don't let the complexity of the Gammadyne user interface put you off.  If you print out & read the extensive user manual you will quickly come to understand the process model & scripting language that the author has employed and be able to create the database-driven bulk emailing projects that you'll need for fast, efficient, mass market communications.  In my opinion, Gammadyne Mailer is the value leader in the bulk emailing software market, and a fine example of superb small business application software at an affordable price.  If you need to do database-driven email marketing on a budget, then this is the program for you."

Alan J. McRae
President, McRae Management Corp.
"We have been using the Gammadyne Mailer for two or so years now and am completely satisfied.  Until recently we have been using the product for simple newsletter sends and unsubscribes from an SQL database.  For this purpose the product has performed flawlessly.  Now upon hiring an aggressive marketing director we have been pushing the capabilities of the software.  Our most recent blast involved sending highly-personalized correspondence to over 26,000 customers in five different time zones.  G-Merge and the command line with SQL where clause capabilities are making this happen for us.  I will happily offer highest recommendation for your product!"

Shaun Hanner
Silicon Mountain Memory, Inc.
"Gammadyne Mailer is one of the finest computer programs I have used.  The Help Menus are by far the best I have ever seen and your technical support has been superb!  Whenever I have submitted a request for technical assistance, I usually receive a response within an hour or two.  And the response is often from "Mr. Gammadyne" himself (Greg Wittmeyer).  And in the past he has personally called me at the church to address a couple of technical issues.  Now our church has recently switched to a new database product (Church Windows) which requires that a CSV file be exported from the program and referenced by the Gammadyne Mailer program.  With the personal help of Greg, we have been able to successfully configure Gammadyne Mailer to work with Church windows.  My sincere thanks!"

Roy C. Dixon
Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian
"There's a lot to love about the Gammadyne much in fact, that it's difficult knowing where to start!  Take price/value for example.  I mean really...with the GM I can send 1000's of emails to my customers for the one-time cost of the GM software.  In the past, I have paid many times this amount using some of the popular email processing services!  And the simplicity of the GM is one of the features that I love most.  I simply link up the GM to my MS-ACCESS email database, and off I go.  And with the GM I can even update my database in seconds, to remove unwanted email addresses (bounce-backs, etc.).  How sweet is that?  IMHO you guys have delivered both an excellent product and outstanding customer service.  Congratulations!!"

William Winters
"I would just like to say how extremely pleased I am of how efficient your Gammadyne Mailer is.  I assumed at first that since the program is capable of so much, that it must in fact be difficult to use.  But after downloading it, I had it all figured out in less than 10 or 15 minutes.  And it works great.  I'm really impressed."

Jesse Dean
EyeLuv Cosmetics
"Just a quick note to say how VERY impressed I am with the Gammadyne Mailer program.  With your competition out there having such inferior products, there's no reason yours shouldn't be the product of choice out there for small and large businesses alike.  Our agency has been using your program very successfully now since last year, and have nothing but great things to say about it, your support, and your company."

Doug Klein
Director, Web Marketing
"I recently received another email telling me about an upgrade and how to get it.  I am very busy but wanted to stop and give you some feedback.  My company uses and has used many pieces of software.  We have had promises made about software and abilities and upgrades.  I just want to tell you that [Gammadyne Mailer] has lived up to and exceeded at every level.  I really appreciate your great upgrade system and the timeliness of new functionality.  Every time I get a new notification I always pull one of the teams together and let everyone see what great service looks like.  Thanks."

Chuck Sweet
CIO, Morehead Associates Inc
"I wanted to let you know how appreciated your program [Gammadyne Mailer] is.  I am a Marketing Technology Coordinator for a large resort in Destin Florida, Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.  Our database is not large enough to attract major email marketing companies, yet too large for simple email programs.  In addition to that, our company has always strived to produce the best in all areas of Marketing - including e-marketing.  A year ago, my company decided we had a need for "push pages", or html emails.  I knew very little code and we used Outlook for our email.  As you know, our HTML emails came out looking very different in other browsers.  To make a long story short, I took what VERY little knowledge I had of HTML, researched a LOT for a program that would not insert proprietary code and made Gammadyne Mailer work for us without a great deal of pain.  Every time I send out a "push page" I get phone calls from our clients' companies' webmasters asking how we send email that is viewable in all types of email clients.  And every time I tell them about this wonderful, inexpensive, frequently updated program I stumbled upon - Gammadyne Mailer.  Now the other resorts my head company (Intrawest) owns call me for advice and help.  I hope all of these inquiries are leading to lots of sales for you.  I definitely couldn't do my job without you! "

Jennifer Barker
Sales Operations Manager
Sandestin Playground - an Intrawest Company
"I just sent out my first 'mass email', it was small stuff really just 400 emails to our dealers.  There was an unforeseen problem with our web host, I did not realize that they had set a default limit of 50 emails per hour so 350 of my 400 emails never left the smtp server (I was sending at a pulse rate of 10 per minute).

I was able to use Gammadyne Mailer to set a Boolean field in my database, identifying all of the emails that had been 'returned' by the server.  This turned a potentially complex problem into an easy fix.  I was able to resend the appropriate emails without sending 50 duplicates.  I requested a limit of 500 emails an hour from the web hosting company which they granted immediately.  You live and learn.

When I started this I have never even thought about dealing with bounce backs.  Its been quite an education.  You guys seem to have thought of everything, at least everything I need.  It took about a week to create an email database from our client data, connect to it with Gammadyne and then learn all of the various procedures necessary to manage the mail out.

So far so good, by the way I did review the CAN-SPAM act and made sure that I was in full compliance.

My next project is to offer a 'sign up for our email list' on our web site.  Gammadyne will be monitoring that one and possibly even sending an auto response.

You know in 1991 when I first started Highlander we were lucky enough to have David Crosby as one of our first clients.  He told me at the time that it was sad testimony to the rest of the industry that our guitar pickups had become so popular simply because they worked as advertised.  I think the same of a lot of software that is currently available.  You guys have done a great job."

Robert Wolstein
Highlander Musical Audio Products
"I want to thank you for a quality product [Gammadyne Mailer] which served our company well for many, many years...always simple, efficient and effective.  Your attention to customer service in responding to inquires was always prompt and you were always patient.  Thank you!"

Claudine Campbell
PIMS New York
"I just wanted to say that I have researched many bulk mailing programs and [Gammadyne Mailer] is by far the best...I LOVE IT!  Great work to you all!"

Rick Feuer
"Still, your Gammadyne Mailer is the best mass mailer software to date.  I have been using this software for close to 20 years."

Angelo C.
"I have been using your product for approximately one year and have been extremely happy with the results.

Although it takes a little time to get up to speed on all the functionality in Gammadyne Mailer, once you do, you realize how much easier it makes your life.  This is a fabulous product that appears to be able to do everything that I would ever want and more -- all at a reasonable price."

Mark Rothbaum, President
"I've been managing email lists for over ten years and have tried or explored nearly every email marketing software on the market.  What I didn't know about the email software I was using HELD ME BACK.  I purchased Gammadyne Mailer and a LOT of things changed for the better.  Not only did I finally find the best email marketing and management program ever built - but I received an invaluable education about how emailing works (and doesn't work).  From adding Domain Key and DKIM signatures, to load balancing across an array of multiple IP Addresses - this program not only does it all, but does it well and has enough documentation in the tooltips and help section to help you understand the intricate 'ins and outs' of email campaign management.  My only regret is that I hadn't known about this program years ago.  If I did, I would be much farther along with my business and saved myself innumerable headaches and time.  The price is definitely reasonable.  I can't see my company ever using anything else.  This is the one to buy."

Joe Wooldridge
"Everyone who has ever purchased and used [Gammadyne Mailer] knows how great and easy to use it is.

The thing that is most impressive to me is the responsiveness of the development team.  On three different occasions, there was a function that would prove helpful to my project that was not included in the GMAILER program.  EACH TIME, the function I requested was in the NEXT RELEASE of the software.  Once, it was done within 1 DAY!

Truly amazing...try getting Microsoft or another big software company to add some functionality to one of their products.  They'll LAUGH AT YOU!"

S. Frattura
"And I keep wondering what's wrong with you people--the software [Gammadyne Mailer] is inexpensive, extremely functional, and VERY reliable (compared, for example, to Campaign, which now goes for $995/two for $1,495 and often inexplicably ceased sending partway through a job), and your support is both fast and free.  You'll never get rich that way...unless you count admiration."

Bill Donovan
"Compliments on your program [Gammadyne Mailer], very powerful, the best I could find.  It has all features for professional mailing list handling.  The scripting language gives incredible power on message body but more importantly on data processing.  Please quote me as a very satisfied user."

Patrick Sheridan
"Are you aware of the extraordinary job that you are doing in the development of Gammadyne Mailer?  Are you aware that Gammadyne Mailer offers more features than any other mailer out there for a very affordable price?  I hope you are because Gammadyne Mailer has become my all-time preferred software application. Congratulations for such an outstanding job. Keep up the good work!"

Pedro Murillo
"I have been using your program [Gammadyne Mailer] for over a year now and I love it.  The constant upgrades are awesome and have added some very nice functionality to an already great program.  Keep up the good work."

Eric Rausin
Vice President of Operations
Coastal Computer Corporation
"I've been using your terrific software [Gammadyne Mailer] for a long time now and I couldn't possibly process all of the email I receive through my popular online Drum and Percussion Web site without it.  I've written to you before but I have to say thank you again.  The regular program updates are very much appreciated."

Tiger Bill Meligari
"Your software [Gammadyne Mailer] is incredible.  What's even more incredible is that you constantly update it!!  I don't know of any software that is at version 16.  Having read all the version history, I know that it's a real version 16!"

Marc Laporte
"Consider this unabashed fan mail from a most satisfied customer.  Gammadyne Mailer has served beautifully for delivering announcements and Web Conference reservation confirmations to people who has asked to be included in our list.  The power and flexibility of your product are outstanding. Thank you for continuing to support and improve Gammadyne Mailer."

Wells H. Anderson, J.D.
"I just wanted to say that [Gammadyne Mailer] is one of the best that I have encountered.  It is not only full-featured, but unlike many mailers I have used in the past, it manages memory so well and uses threads so efficiently as to be a pleasure to use, even on lists in the millions.  It is well worth the price."

"Just wanted to tell you...I did the largest mass mail yet with [Gammadyne Mailer] from my company.  We sent mail to 60,000 people, in 3 hours, with 40k in size emails each (images attached).  I used Gammadyne with threads, throttling, and 7 mail servers attached to it.  It did an amazing job."

E. Parker
"Your program [Gammadyne Mailer] works as advertised, your customer support is something to be proud of, and your pricing allows even a small company to participate in ECommerce.  I would be happy to recommend your company to anyone that may have a need for your services."

C. Santo
"Great piece of software [Gammadyne Mailer], by the way... you can advertise the fact that it's helping a major midwestern trade association shave thousands of dollars off its printing costs!"

G. Brooks
"I still enjoy watching the evolution of [Gammadyne Mailer] not only because it works, but also as a marvelous work of engineering art over the span of time."

Tom Hosky
"Thank you for your prompt response.  I am consistently pleased with the quality of both your product and support.  I wish you great success in your endeavors!  The Gammadyne Mailer consistently exceeds our expectations and rises to the task."

D. Winter
"Thank You!!!  I'm really impressed with your product [Gammadyne Mailer] AND your support."

D. Smith
"Nice work guys... very clean application [Gammadyne Mailer].  Better than ones with more bells etc... intuitive and robust......"

J. Cole
"I have to give you a tip of the Cyber Hat. Not only is your program [Gammadyne Mailer] superb, but your service is outstanding.  If all businesses were run like yours, this world would run like a well oiled machine and you can quote me anytime."

Frank Benson, owner of ATREETE Products.
"Again, Thank you for an excellent product.  It saved me an incredible amount of time that it would have taken to create the solution myself using a variety of disparate tools.  Its robustness, sheer flexibility and depth of features is truly a joy to work with whether one is a beginner or a seasoned IT professional.  [Gammadyne Mailer] is practically a development environment on its own.  The thoughtfulness that went into the design shines in the myriad of subtle touches, obvious only when you realize that your problem is no longer a problem.  I've been looking at similar products for years, and none come close to equalling the value offered by Gammadyne. Consider me a fan."

"Your software [Gammadyne Mailer] is amazing.  It's a dream come true!"

G. Masters
"You folks are the most responsive software company I know, and your product [Gammadyne Mailer] is great!  Thanks again."

P. Griendling
"Love it.  My Gammadyne Mailer is one reason why I am still in business after all these years."

P. Reese
"Just a note to let you know that I think your Gammadyne Mailer software is the best piece of software I have ever purchased.  Quick support and so many features."

Low Cheng Qwee
"What a program [Gammadyne Mailer]!  Have been using this now for the last 12 months and whilst not using all the features - I wish I had the time to go through all of them - a superb program.  Never found anything like it and in truth, how can you improve on something that is so good?"

D. Lewis
"I've really enjoyed Gammadyne Mailer, and recommend it highly.  I can't imagine any of your competitors being so responsive."

Paul Glen
"What an incredible program [Gammadyne Mailer].  I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to use this simple system."

Joe Griffin, CEO
"We continue to be amazed at the great work you've done in developing and maintaining Gammadyne Mailer.  We have been with you for 10 years.  Great Job!"

Jim Bolthouse
Executive Director
"[Gammadyne Mailer] rocks.  I have been using it for over 10 years and have done some pretty complex stuff with it.  Using G-merge I have never found a single thing that I wanted which Gammadyne could not do.  Outstanding program which I would highly recommend to anyone who needs serious email handling."

Stan Kirk
"I think the first time I worked with your Software [Gammadyne Mailer] was back in 2008, when I was based in South America.  It's great that you keep this masterpiece going.  Thanks for the great job!"

Steven Morell
"I want to first say that I'm very satisfied with your product [Gammadyne Mailer] so far.  It is very powerful and also lots of fun to work with.  I will be definitely be recommending this product to my friends and clients in the future."

M. Dupey
"We love your product [Gammadyne Mailer].  It has beaten every CNET candidate hands down."

J. Buchin
"You guys have the best mailer that I've ever seen.  Very simple to use but also very powerful.  We use it for list ranging from 600 people to 75,000 people and have never had a problem...Thanks for a great product."

C. Haas
"I just want to say that Gammadyne Mailer ROCKS!  It is a great program and performs well.  I love it."

R. Brown
"Gammadyne Mailer is an outstanding product!  My company purchased 2 licenses about a month ago and my manager and I have been continually impressed with its features and performance.  It has made a huge impact on the efficiency and quality of our weekly mailings.  Thanks and keep up the great work!"

S. Senior
"[Gammadyne Mailer] is one of my best software purchases, and I am still impressed with the functionality and reliability."

"As always, thank you for a great product that is well-maintained, well-supported and a pleasure to use. :-)"

A. Maharaj
"Thanks so much for producing a terrific product at a great price.  We were a victim of our own success and our subscriber list grew larger than MailKing could handle.  I moved to Gammadyne Mailer and am blown away by the terrific features and free support.  The opt-out handling feature alone was worth the price of the product.  Congratulations to you and your staff."

R. Harmon
"I went through several mass mail solutions before I found Gammadyne Mailer.  Your product is far superior to any solution (for under $1000) that I found!  Great job, keep up the good work."

Doug Ford
"The Gammadyne Mailer is the best software purchase I've ever made.  I use it to manage my band's mailing list and it has worked perfectly.  Setup time was minimal--setting up the data source just took a few minutes and I was sending out test emails a few minutes after that.  My on-line newsletter looks great in the HTML version, and it's so easy!

Thanks so much for making such a great product at such a low price.  I could not be happier."

Ben O'Connor
Bass, webmaster
Open Road Bluegrass Band
"Just wanted to thank you guys for the Gammadyne Mailer.  I purchased the software two or three months ago and have already used it several times.  We've struggled with bulk html emails for our clients in the past.  Not anymore.  Thanks."

Randy Stepanek
Bergman Group
"Just wanted to let you guys know that I absolutely, totally dig [Gammadyne Mailer]!  It works perfect and did exactly what I needed it to do, (which, by the way, was a direct email blast to about 20,000 people from an SQL server...)  Keep up the great work!"

"I have to complement you on Gammadyne Mailer -- we have owned a copy for quite some time, and aside from the fact that you are always adding new features to it, it is amazingly simple, powerful, and stable.  We use other systems (which cost a staggeringly amount of money) as well, yet we use our copy of Gammadyne whenever we can, simply for the reason that we know when we use that, the mailing will go out, and it will go out correctly."

J. Zell
"I just had to let you know how impressed I am with your program [Gammadyne Mailer].  I've been using Colorado Merge for the last couple of years but you have outdone yourselves with such an incredibly complete program."

Bill Vick
"Thank you for the wonderful service.  [Gammadyne Mailer] is a great program and a snap to use.  I'm the least computer-literate person around, yet it was simple enough for me to operate, yet powerful enough to handle our extensive mailing list."

Ms. Gypsy Blues
"I wanted to say thanks for this wonderful program [Gammadyne Mailer] you have crafted.  We have used all the commercial apps and this product blows them away."

Jim Lenz
Fantasy Insights
"I find [Gammadyne Mailer] to be highly superior in quality and have never seen anything so thorough in my life.  Thank you very much!"

R. Martinson
"I can't tell you how long I've waited for a solution like yours (at least 2-3 years), and I'm really excited just thinking about all the possibilities for building my business using Gammadyne Mailer!"

F. Johnson
"Gammadyne Mailer is very powerful and yet easy to use!  Their support is excellent considering the low cost of the software.  Keep up the good work!"

Larry Rosenzweig
"I just wanted to let you folks know that I did my first mailing with Gammadyne Mailer and was absolutely delighted with the results!  This software is an absolute best value for the money.  It offers all of the functionality that I needed plus some.  Once again, this is a great product!"

S. Gantt
"Thank you for making my life easier!  Gammadyne Mailer is excellent and after several months trialing in-house, I have to say it's the best emailing solution I've come across."

Jack Yan, CEO
Jack Yan & Associates
"I want to tell you how pleased I am with Gammadyne Mailer.  I send my Daily Dose of Happiness out to subscribers overnight while I sleep, and the mailer does all the work for me:  sign-ups, auto-responding, bounce removal, unsubscribes, sending and logging.  Piece of cake!  And Gammadyne Mailer is smart, too:  it sends out my Happy Class to people, each lesson at defined intervals based on the date that each individual signed up.  Whew, does that save me a lot of manual labor!  Best of all, I can copy one edition of my ezine, change the content, and all *Presto* I have a new edition -- without having to reconfigure a single setting or cut and paste any of the non-changing text.  You guys should be charging way more for this."

David Leonhardt
"Your product [Gammadyne Mailer] has been the best business investment that I have ever made.  I really appreciate your company's dedication to excellence."

Roen Branham
"I'd like to say that your program, Gammadyne Mailer, is excellent and the best I've seen of its kind on the Net.  I couldn't run my business without it and I recommend it to everyone I know who is in business on the Web.

Thanks again for the terrific program.  If the programmers at Microsoft had half of your programming talent, Windows might actually be a reliable OS!"

B. Meligari
"We've been using [Gammadyne Mailer] for a few months now to send out a company newsletter.  The software is easy to use and fast.  The feature for customer to opt-out automatically by sending to an e-mail address is great.  This sure beats paying a few hundred a month to an outside company."

David Defoe
Labadie Auto Company
"I must congratulate you on an excellent product and support team, my Gammadyne Mailer works 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, and without it I certainly would not have a business."

D. Chiesa
"Very intuitive software [Gammadyne Mailer].  I didn't want to learn a thing about it.  I just wanted to start using it!  And could, thanks to your thorough 'help' system."

Don Bell, President
MailboxSecurity, Inc.
"Thanks for your work.  It is really helpful for our small company.  We are using Gammadyne Mailer for sending out Warnings about worms and viruses, inform them about new features our customers can use with our equipment and about what we are doing.  It works great."

P. Scholda
"I am using [Gammadyne Mailer] now for several years (since version 7.1 AFAIR) and it's by far the best investment in a program I have ever made."

R. Steindl
"[Gammadyne Mailer] is truly a powerful and incredibly versatile program.  It's hard to believe you get such a great program plus great tech support for such a reasonable price.  If you buy any mailing program at all ever, buy Gammadyne. You won't regret it."

Timothy Curley
"You have the best software support / info ever.  God I wish you were Microsoft.  Also, your product [Gammadyne Mailer] rocks.  I have been using it for almost 5 years with no problems and the continual upgrades make it the best in class. "

J. Povilus
"I think a lot of companies can learn a thing or two from you guys on how to deliver top quality products AND top quality support.  I've been using [Gammadyne Mailer] for the past 5 years and I can honestly say I've never once had an issue with it.  As for the support you give, it really is the best I've seen from a software company."

Don Smith
"I just wanted to send a big kudos to you for Gammadyne Mailer.  It rocks!  Thanks for your hard work and consistent updates.  It feels good to be a customer of your software."

Sam Graber
Accompany Publishing
"Why didn't you tell me that Gammadyne Mailer existed?  There I've been struggling with various POS software to connect to my SQL Server views and handle my zillion mailing lists.  Saving up my pennies for Arial Campaigner (which didn't install properly in any case).  And all the time Gammadyne Mailer has been around.  You know what - I'd heard of it but for some reason I thought it was a Unix thing.  Doh.

Well - thanks for a fine piece of software.  It took me a day to learn G-Merge (am not a developer) but I like it and it works a treat.  Thanks too for a great help file.  It's wonderful.  Contains all answers for me."

"This is without a doubt the most incredible software [Gammadyne Mailer] I've used in recent history.  The documentation is flawless, and the functionality is unmatched."

J. Chandler
"The product [Gammadyne Mailer] is incredible!  It allows me to e-blast our real estate auctions to over 75,000 brokers in the US.  It has paid for itself a million times over."

P. Ammon
"Gammadyne Mailer is an absolutely fantastic piece of software!

I had been so frustrated years ago when I couldn't find an emailer program that would allow me to send emails to my clients what I wanted in a way I wanted, that I had to build my own!  As my client list became larger, so my app became more unstable until I couldn't be sure whether anyone had received our messages.

I thank the day I found Gammadyne Mailer!  It places no restrictions on how I can email my database - I can even write my own SQL queries to send to exactly who I want to!  Fantastic!  With the whole array of other functions contained within the app, the package is just perfect.

This is one application that I am happy to recommend again and again."

David Savage
Director, Hattan & Grand Ltd.
"Although the learning curve on Gammadyne Mailer is pretty steep, for a non-tekkie, like me, now that I'm learning the tricks, I realize what a fabulous tool it is.  Overall, it is a superb product.  It has, literally, changed the scope of my business."

Michel DuBil
"Gammadyne Mailer works right, and it works time after time after time.  It one of the most solid programs I've worked with in my 30+ years of computer work."

Richard Skeirik
Dalkeith Press
"Over the past several years I have not found a program that's as good as Gammadyne [Mailer] for the price.  Great value and an excellent mailing tool."

P. Pantsari
"I've given up on server based email broadcast emailing software.  I've used three different software packages, and was plagued with horrible glitches, server timeouts, slow performance and poor service.  Time to bring the software home to my desktop.  Gammadyne Mailer works.  And more importantly, their service is incredibly fast."

Scott See
"Congratulations on such a fabulous piece of software [Gammadyne Mailer].  Rock solid.  We love it."

Dee Dreslough
"I have used an older version of Gammadyne [Mailer] for 10-15 years and the product AND customer service are first rate and always appreciated."

Kathy Norris
The Hunting Horn Jeweler
"We've been using Gammadyne Mailer now for almost 10 years and we absolutely depend on it."

Daniel Camputaro
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the fine piece of software [Gammadyne Mailer] you developed.  It is so well planed and executed.  I am truly amazed.  Thanks !!"

Miloje Oljaca
"Thanks again for your great product [Gammadyne Mailer], it rocks!"

Greg Barton
Systat Software, Inc.
"How do you manage to come out with so amazingly many improvements with each new version of Mailer?  I am impressed!"

Wells Anderson

Random Word Generator
"I think you under sell it.  Of all the programs online yours is the most adaptive.  It not only creates usable names for characters few others would come up with but street names, city names, world and system names to name a few.  Even whole campaign names such as wars fought in a fictional past.  No normal name gen can do it and many an author can get stuck on such things and look to them for inspiration just to get a random Mary Parker showing up.  It's not very original where as RWG is a click and a pick."

Alexander James
"I would just like you to know that you rock.  You ought to package this [Random Word Generator] as a character name generator as well (which is what I looked into it for).  It's just SO configurable and powerful, that it only took me like 2 minutes to get some great ideas.  Send my compliments to the programmer!"

P. Gibson
"For such a small fee, I have gotten more value from your product than I ever imagined I would.

I use RWG to create character names for stories I write, or to create an entire language.  Using the spelling rules of RWG, I can create words with a consistent style that makes them all the more credible as words of a common language."

Patrick Hagerty

Round-Robin Mailer
"I really love the product [Round-Robin Mailer], if ever there was a product that 'does what it says on the tin', then this is surely one of them. - FANTASTIC !"

Stephen Loughridge
Stanridge (UK) Limited
"I am very pleased with RRM, and it's been working great.  Right now I am using to distribute emails going to 1 specific account to 4 customer service reps.  With this software we are now able to ensure work load for emails is being fairly distributed.  The software is intuitive and easy to use, so I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a solution such as this."

Sean Donnelly
IT Manager, NeuroTherm
"Just wanted to say that the Round-Robin Mailer software is an amazing product.  We receive a high volume of e-mail on a daily basis with huge spikes in that volume at various times.  Our previous method of handling e-mail was to maintain a group e-mail account where several staff received copies of every e-mail.  That process was extremely difficult to monitor and ensure that each e-mail received a reply.  As a result, one person was usually assigned to answer every e-mail.  With such a high volume of e-mail, and the inevitable back and forth exchange that resulted, a large part of the day was spent responding.  Round-Robin Mailer has resolved every issue we previously faced.  Having the capability to designate a listing of users to receive e-mail on a round robin rotation is has enabled a more efficient method of handling our e-mail.  With the relationship feature enabled, a staff member who received the original e-mail will also receive follow-ups.  This ensures a better channel for communication.  Since much of our incoming e-mail needs to by-pass the round robin distribution and go to a specific individual, the rules feature enables us to redirect those emails.  The staff in the Office of Admissions at the University of Memphis thanks you for a great product!"

Jon Tignor
The University Of Memphis
"I haven't had any issue with the Round Robin!  One thing I really value from it is the possibility to create a relationship between the lead and the agent, you guys should market this feature more!  Also, your customer support is really good!  I always get an answer asap and they are really helpful."

Paulina Rueda
"This software [Round-Robin Mailer] works great!  Works better than the built in garbage that CDK uses.  Anyways, great work team!"

Dennis Martin

"There's a great deal I like about Scratchboard, for my purposes.  I've got a background in academics and I've become very experienced with the many personal information managers out there over the last twenty years, starting with the great DOS contenders, such as ThinkTank (classic), Grandview (the very best within its limitations), Houdini (a personal favorite); as well as the major windows-based PIM vendors such as Ecco (loved it but no longer available) and Info-Select (bit of a monstrosity) and lately TreePad.  It seems that there are a million shareware PIMs that are in the same basic style as the one you've put out.  It's a bit sickening how alike they all are--as if creativity had simply vanished with the dot com bubble.  Scratchboard is very much in the same mold but it seems focused on the things that matter.  And, importantly, there are many graceful touches in the execution, too many to go into here.  Take for example the multiple indentation possible within a cell using "Indent Selection".  That's very cool because you can maneuver and rearrange an outline within a cell much more simply that way.  More generally, the program is very snappy.  I like the idea of moving around with the cursor on the tree and seeing the text in cells come flowing through.  With Ecco, you had to double-click every time.  And Ecco was way too intricate in all of it's machinations and distinctions."

Buddy B. Saleeby
"LOVE YOUR PROGRAM [Scratchboard] !!!!  Only a genius could have thought up something this simple and this good!  I am anxiously waiting for new software from you as well as opportunities to use and therefore buy what you already offer."

G. Garisto
"This is one fantastic piece of software [Scratchboard].  There is nothing I enjoy more than to have software that is easy to use and get all you want done..done.  Thank you very much for this offer."

"I love this program [Scratchboard] and use it's a very very good program."

R. Mason

"Your program [String-O-Matic] does everything that I ever dreamt or wished it to do.  It is a faithful and reliable tool in my daily routine of keeping my web sites functioning and orderly."

Marquis Grove
" I recently purchased your [String-O-Matic].  I'd like you to know that I am very pleased with this product.  I will be using it a lot.  Here's my thanks to you!"

M. Walsen
"Your product [String-O-Matic] is so fascinating and transparent to the end user -- I can only keep on repeating, -- great product! great product! great product!!!"

James Ho
"Your [String-O-Matic] program is absolutely fantastic.  Thank you very much for an extremely helpful product.  The speed of this program is truly amazing. Thanks again."

Arnold Lillie
CAD/CAM Supervisor
Lovejoy Tool Co., Inc.
"String-O-Matic was very useful for me.  I had hundreds of html pages where to change the url inside and other codes.  It made perfectly the job; no bugs."

Pascal Asselin

"Have you ever thought about teaching classes on how to do tech support?  I've got several vendors that I would recommend you to wholeheartedly.  What I'm getting at is, thanks a bunch for being so responsive and open.  I really think most of the software industry misses a great opportunity when they choose to be closed and protective of their work - not giving up your rights as the developer, but realizing that community efforts don't take away anything from what you've done, and with some guidance, can actually improve the effectiveness of the product for situations that weren't even initially considered.  You're a star in my view."

Jeremy Perkins
"I began selling computers in the Fall of 1981, so I've gone through a lot of software, and a lot of support, from none whatsoever to your level.  I have to tell you your willingness to support your product with patience and integrity stands well about all but a very few of the others, so, once again, Thank You - may you enjoy a lovely mews in Knightsbridge :-)"

Ken McVay
"I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to use your software.  I have Centurion Setup and Gammadyne Mailer.  These two pieces of software save me hours and hours of time and they are dead simple to use.  And the product support is second to none."

Mike Mansker
Mansker Software
"I have to tell you that I think your software is really unique and quite useful.  So far I've tried [Gammadyne Mailer] and Scratchboard.  Very nice stuff, good job."

M. Stone
"I just wanted to write and let you know that your customer service department is exceptional.  I sent in a question this morning and within an hour had a response back that was very helpful.  Keep up the great work!"

B. Syamken
"You've been good to me over the years.  Best money I ever spent!"

Leonard Leeling
"Thank you very much!!!  You are the best support the I've ever seen in my whole life!!!"

C. Halpern
"I want to reiterate how nice it is to get such a quick and accurate reply to a problem-its frustrating to try and get past the robots that usually answer the first query.  Thanks again."

D. Denny
"I wish everyone's tech support was as intelligent as that and fast at responses.  Jeez I could ask 100 questions to you guys in the time it takes most other places to respond to 1 question.  Make sure you post this on your testimonial pages if you like.  Your programs and support for those programs are the best I have ever seen and I'm a 10 year computer tech veteran.  Thanks again guys!!  Astounding level of achievement no matter what program or support plan you compare it to."

Ty Duncan
"Your software and support I believe is second to none.  The only (software) purchase we have made that was never, ever an issue."

Les Dircks
"Your support is easily the best of any software product I've encountered."

James Huggins