Gammadyne Corporation

Gammadyne's Free Command Line Utilities

Gammadyne offers the following command line programs for Windows which you may download and use freely.

Do you need a custom-built command line utility developed to your specifications?  Our prices are very reasonable, and automating part of your business is always worth a one time expense!  Inquire here.


  • These programs run on all versions of Windows since XP.
  • You may distribute these programs as long as they are not modified or sold.  If you would like to package them with a commercial program, please contact us.
  • These programs do not have a graphical user interface.  They are meant to run from a command line (DOS prompt), batch file, or shortcut.  You should keep your command line programs in a folder on your hard drive, preferably one in the PATH.  We recommend "c:\windows\system32\".
  • These programs do not display ads, don't install third party software, and don't contain malware.  They are pure freeware.
  • By the act of downloading and using these utilities, you must agree to the terms of the End-User License Agreement, which can be found here.  If you do not agree to the terms, you are not authorized to use our software.
  • Send comments here.

Program Index

backup9.exe BACKUP9.EXE - File Backup Utility
combine.exe COMBINE.EXE - File Combining Utility
delnext.exe DELNEXT.EXE - Delete At Next Reboot Utility
dels.exe DELS.EXE - Recursive File Deletion Utility
digsig.exe DIGSIG.EXE - Digital Signature Utility
fcmp.exe FCMP.EXE - File Comparison
firewall.exe FIREWALL.EXE - Windows Firewall Configuration Utility
gpatch.exe GPATCH.EXE - File Patching Utility
gs.exe GS.EXE - Greg's Shell
numlines.exe NUMLINES.EXE - Source Code Line Counter
pechksum.exe PECHKSUM.EXE - Portable Executable Checksum Utility
sizeof.exe SIZEOF.EXE - File Size Reporting Utility
sleep.exe SLEEP.EXE - Power Management Utility
startas.exe STARTAS.EXE - Executes a DOS command line under a different user account.
timer.exe TIMER.EXE - Timer Utility
wol.exe WOL.EXE - Wake On LAN