Gammadyne Corporation

Beta Downloads

Click the appropriate "Download" link below to download the latest beta.

Centurion Setup Centurion Setup Download Home
Clyon Clyton Download Home
Connection Keeper Connection Keeper Download Home
CSV Editor Pro CSV Editor Pro Download Home
DJ Jukebox DJ Jukebox Download Home
DocPad DocPad Download Home
Gammadyne Mailer Gammadyne Mailer Download Home
Mirror Backup Mirror Backup Download Home
Random Word Generator Random Word Generator Download Home
Round-Robin Mailer Round-Robin Mailer Download Home
Scratchboard Scratchboard Download Home
Serlog Serlog Download Home
String-O-Matic String-O-Matic Download Home


  • The above links will not work if no beta exists.
  • These downloads are self-contained executable installation programs.  Once the download is complete, simply open the file and follow the installer's instructions.
  • It is perfectly okay to install a beta over an old version.  Our programs never require uninstallation prior to installation.
  • A beta is a pre-release version of the software, and therefore more likely to contain bugs.  We strongly recommend installing the final version when it is released.  Please report all bugs!