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About Us

Gammadyne Corporation is a developer of high quality business applications for the Windows platform.  Gammadyne was founded in 1998 by Greg Wittmeyer, who remains the lead software engineer and commander in chief.  The company's unique approach to software development has produced a variety of mature and highly useful products that appeal to a broad spectrum of users.

Greg started programming in 1981 at the age of nine on a primitive TRS–80.  Self-taught, within five years he had enough good programs to start his first software company, GSW Software.  There were games, disk utilities, a disassembler, and a generic code library.  His dad loaned him the money to place an advertisement in Rainbow magazine.  Unfortunately, the TRS–80 was by that point a dying market, and Greg barely made the money back.  IBM was becoming dominant, and all that TRS–80 assembly language was useless.  So Greg gave up the business and went to college, getting a degree in Computer Science from the University of Kansas.  After working four years as a programmer, Greg was once again ready to create a software company.  Gammadyne has been going strong ever since.

Gammadyne is distinguished by System‑G, a complete Graphical User Interface that was developed from the ground up.  Although this was a monumental undertaking, users will appreciate the ability to scale the interface font to any size and skin the entire interface with a color/texture scheme.  Please refer to the "Interface" menu for these and other powerful features.  This menu is available in all of Gammadyne's commercial programs.

Gammadyne Mailer, the company's flagship product, is a versatile tool for automating virtually any type of email operation.  It has grown far beyond its original primary function of delivering personalized email.  Its ability to process incoming email (such as Sign-Ups, Opt-Outs, and Bounce-Backs) has made it an essential tool for any business that deals with email.  With full database integration and the most advanced scripting language in the industry, Gammadyne Mailer is certain to save your business time and money.

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